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How best to treat the broken blood vessels after Laser Genesis? (Photo)

I thought cutera laser genesis was supposed to be without damage or downtime. I am horrified with the purple marks left on my cheeks and nose. My... READ MORE

Can Laser Genesis clear up hyperpigmentation from acne scarring?

Specifically, these scars from acne are not pocks, or hypertrophic. They are darkly pigmented, on Skin type IV. Thank you, READ MORE

Can You Use BLT or LMX for Laser Genesis Procedure? If Not What Can You Use?

Can You Use BLT or LMX for Laser Genesis Procedure? If Not What Can You Use? READ MORE

I had a treatment today afternoon. In 20 minutes she told me It's enough for first time. Why is that? Is it individual?

I'm 29,have oily skin with acne and i have first wrinkles,so I think laser Genesis is perfect for me. Can you tell me something more about skin care... READ MORE

I have 3 laser genesis treatments and 1 fractora treatment, which should I do first to maximize results? (Photo)

I purchased a package of three laser genesis treatments from one medi-spa and just saw a groupon for a great deal for one fractora facial. My main... READ MORE

Had a laser genesis facial yesterday. How long should I wait before using my AHA/BHA cleanser & night cream?

The peel I had was a salycitic acid peel, with the laser therapy on my upper face (forehead & cheeks only - not over my stubble!) I also had a... READ MORE

Is laser genesis suitable for someone with pigments history?

I have olive skin tone with a history of pigments, i'd like to have laser genesis treatments for rejuvenation but i am worried that it might trigger... READ MORE

Laser Genesis time space after one treatment?

I m 34 yrs old did my first laser genesis treatment for a good quality of skin texture as the spa lady going for vacation she asked me to finish rest... READ MORE

Which is the better laser treatment to close open pores?

I hear about Laser Genesis (Cutera) and Palomar LUX 1540. Laser Genesis is being offered at a lower price than Palomar, and I want to know if it is... READ MORE

Is laser genesis a good option for acne scars/red marks? (Photos)

Back in February I had fractora RF done and it completely ruined my skin. Left me with countless PIE spots as well as some new indented scarring as... READ MORE

1064nm laser. Does a man's beard area have to be avoided?

Using 1064 laser genesis and others like it for full face rejuvenation and diffuse redness. if I shave do they still need to avoid my beard area like... READ MORE

Can I please get advice on how to fix my face after 1 Laser Genesis session for anti aging? (photo)

I had no nasal labial folds or loose skin on my face before now its a different story and these cause me so much distraught when looking in the mirror... READ MORE

Pores Enlarged After the Fourth Laser Genesis?

I only had enlarged pores on my chin. Now it's all over my face. I had Genesis done yesterday. All the other times my skin looked great. But not... READ MORE

Would Laser Genesis take the pigment out of the nipple area?

I recently had a reaction to silicone tape that I used after a breast lift & it melted the top layers oft nipple away after I used the tape around my... READ MORE

Laser Genesis - is this a burn? PIH? 5 weeks post treatment with no improvement (Photo)

I had one session of laser genesis that went fine. No real results. I went for a second session and was left with the red mark shown in the attached... READ MORE

Can I have Laser Genesis and Limelight while I am on Aprillon 40mg once a day for rosacea? (Photo)

I have rosacea and seb derm. I presented with itching and burning skin and ocular rosacea. My derm prescribed Apprillon, and compounded cream of... READ MORE

Multiple problems with my skin and want to schedule a consult, how do I know a group is properly certified?

My face has red splotches like rosacea, brown spots and what i believe is pregnancy mask that never went away. Also, a few acne scars and some fine... READ MORE

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