Laser Eye Surgery Videos

Plexr: Non-Surgical Treatment to Correct Hooded Upper Eyelids

Dr. Sabrina Shah-Desai explains what Plexr is, how it works to reduce the hooding in the upper eyelid area, and the average downtime from the treatment. VIEW NOW

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Laser Eye Treatment: What Is an Eye Shield and Why Is It Important?

Dr. Jason Emer explains why in any ablative laser treatment on the eye area or eye lids, it is necessary to install metal eye shields to protect the eyeball from any damage from the laser. VIEW NOW

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See the Excitement About Corrected Vision

Dr. Emil William Chynn speaks to a man about the activities he's hoping to do once his vision is corrected with LASEK eye surgery. The man is shown after the procedure as he experiences his new eyesight. VIEW NOW

Hear why This Woman Decided to get LASEK

A woman speaks to Dr. Emil William Chynn about what she hopes to gain from LASEK surgery, then we see her reaction as she reads forms after surgery. VIEW NOW

No More Glasses and Contacts — A Woman has LASEK Surgery

Dr. Emil William Chynn speaks with a woman as she describes what she hopes to do once she is finally free of glasses and contacts. We then see her reading forms after surgery with her new eyesight. VIEW NOW

A Reaction to new Eyesight

A woman explains why she decided to undergo surgery and we see her initial reaction to her improved vision after surgery. VIEW NOW

LASEK Eye Surgery: 1 Woman's Experience

A woman speaks about her reasons for seeking LASEK eye surgery with Dr. Emil William Chynn. She is also shown after the surgery with her new vision. VIEW NOW

Laser Eye Surgery: Before and After

Dr. Emil William Chynn speaks to a man about his motivation to have surgery, then speaks with him after treatment as he experiences improved vision. VIEW NOW

Why This Man Decided to get LASEK

Dr. Emil William Chynn speaks to a man about his difficulties with vision and what he hopes to gain from surgery. The video then shows him after the LASEK procedure as he enjoys his new eyesight. VIEW NOW

Learn More About LASIK

Dr. G. Richard Cohen explains how laser eye surgery works and what can be accomplished for with today's technology in the field of vision correction. VIEW NOW

PRK and LASIK: What are the Differences?

Dr. Liviu Saimovici discusses two forms of laser vision correction surgery: PRK and LASIK. Both types can be used correct nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism, but there are also several ways that they differ. VIEW NOW

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Halo, Glare, and Starbursting: Common Quality of Vision Issues After LASIK

Most times LASIK procedures are successful, says Dr. Martin L. Fox, but there is that 1 percent of patients who need revisions. The doctor explains LASIK and the most common kinds of quality of vision issues seen after the procedure. VIEW NOW

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Dry Eye After Laser Vision Correction? Here Are Your Options

Dry eye after LASIK or PRK is a common complaint right after surgery. Dr. Martin L. Fox discusses how to prevent and treat this irritating complication. VIEW NOW

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What Can I Do to Repair a Wandering Eye?

Dr. Fred Hidaji explains the procedure to repair a wandering eye or crossed eyes, which he says is a very quick procedure that can change lives. VIEW NOW

Is There Any Downtime For LASIK Surgery?

LASIK surgery is a common procedure today but how much time should be taken off for recovery? Dr. Alina Stanciu weighs in. VIEW NOW