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Wavelight Allegretto Wave Eye-Q Flying Spot Laser from Alcon

What is the Max Optical Zone and Treatment Zone that this laser could correct? How good is this laser? So far its been 6 weeks and my night vision... READ MORE

Need Advice: Getting Laser eye surgery for a second time.

I had PRK 18 years ago and stayed at 20/20 or better all these years. Last year I noticed changes in my vision and now I "have to" wear glasses as my... READ MORE

My Doctor Tells Me Vision Becomes 6/9 After 1 Month: Is it True?

Before PRK Right eye: 6/60(without Glasses) Left eye: 6/36(without Glasses)   After 20 Days of PRK Right eye: 6/18(without Glasses) Left eye:... READ MORE

I had laser surgery 5 days ago, and my vision was excellent. T Laser vision surgery. Is it normal to be losing clarity?

I had surgery 5 days ago, and my vision was perfect immediately. I noticed yesterday that I was losing clarity in my eye. Is this normal. Should I be... READ MORE

A herpatic outbreak and scarring on the cornea. Any suggestions?

A herpatic outbreak has left scarring on my cornea on the left eye. It has distorted my vision from a distance. Will the scarring subside within time... READ MORE

I am a young adult with poor vision and cataracts. What procedures can I have?

I am a young adult with poor vision and wear glasses most of the time. I also have cataracts, but they aren't that big of a deal now. I was just... READ MORE

Can you have the PKU eye surgery twice?

I had the pku surgery about 2 years ago.Lasik was not an option. I had and have poor vision. They told me when I had this not to expect 20/20 vision... READ MORE

What is the diagnose of c/d ratio 0.87 right eye and 0.57 left eye with normal eye pressure? (photos)

I was diagnose glaucoma suspect by Coincidence since 2012 .My eye glasses -7sph with -4 cyl both eyes .Eye pressure is within normal both eyes without... READ MORE

I have 200 and 300 Eye Vision. Any suggestions?

Hi! I had my first ever eye check-up last week.The result came out and found out that my left eye has 200 eye grade while my right has 300. Pretty... READ MORE

What is ReLEx SMILE Laser Vision Correction?

I've recently heard about the ReLEx SMILE Laser Vision Correction procedure - is this a form of LASIK? Is it the same thing as the SMILE Eye... READ MORE

My Optimologist Suggests Surgery to Improve my Depleting Eyesite?

I had a bout with Bells Palsey aproximately 14 months ago, my right eye never returned to normal appears to be getting smaller as time goes by. My My... READ MORE

I'm planning ICL Surgery as my cornea is thin & have number -10 &-11. Can you answer my queries?

I am planning for ICL Surgery & my numbers are -10 & -11 ue to thin cornea , Lasik operation is not applicable for me and my vision is 6/6. Have some... READ MORE

I have significant loss of vison in the operated eye after surgery? Please tell me what can cause it?

Urgent......I had my first squint surgery on 29th july and then revised surgery on 10th of Aug 2015, after 2 days i have realised that it weakens the... READ MORE

I am seeing bright lights around the periphery of my vision out of both eyes when I look to the right or the left.

I had a laser procedure several months ago to reattach my left retina and repair a hole in that same retina READ MORE

After how many months film forms again - cloudy vision.

I was having cloudy vision after 2yrs of a tract surgery. This year in June I got the film removed .... oct again I'm having vision difficulty. Doc... READ MORE

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