Myopia + Laser Eye Surgery

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Am I suitable for ReLex Smile procedure?

I have myopia of -7.00, -7.00 in right and left eyes with -0.25, -0.50 astigmatism, age 23. Today I have consulted doctor he said I have 493nm, 487nm... READ MORE

Laser Eye Surgery for Myopia?

Hello! I am 30 y.old and having myopia. My left eye is 20/80 and right eye is 20/80. Can laser eye surgery fix my eye vision? How much does it cost?... READ MORE

Relex smile eye tracker system and astigmatism correction.

I have 2.5 myopia and 0.5 astigmat.i cant decide between relex smile and intralasik. some says relex smile can correct astigmatism as lasik is it... READ MORE

Vision Correction?

I have myopia and astigmatism, I am 24. I want to know what is the best vision correction procedure for me or should I stick with glasses. Every year... READ MORE

Which is Better Treatment Option for Me...ICL or LASIK?

I m 25/F Asian(Indian) with myopia in Right eye -6.0 D & astigmatism -1.5 D;Left eye -4.5 D & cylindrical sight -1.5 D. My corneal thickness... READ MORE

Best Procedure for Severe Myopia?

I have a prescription of -10 in both eyes and an average cornea thickness (440), one doctor recomend for me the permenant lens implants and another... READ MORE

I'm 56 with healthy eyes but tired of wearing glasses for myopia (-2.75) and astigmatism (-1.25 to -1.75). What are my options?

LASIK will most likely require me to use readers post-op. I'm considering Tecnis multifocal intraocular lens implants. Will these devices really... READ MORE

What's the best way to treat myopia?

Sir how to treat myopia after completely become blind or partially become blind? READ MORE

Remedy for bigger myopic eye? (Photo)

My left myopic eye (2.75D) appears bigger then the right eye which is perfectly normal-sighted. Since last two months, the difference in their sizes... READ MORE

I have very thin corneas, they are under the 450 micron spectrum high myopia (-9 left, -8 right).

My doctor told me im not a candidate for lasik, and im pretty sure im not for PRK, but i would like confirmation from another doctor. Also i would... READ MORE

Regarding Myopia - scared.

Am 37 years old female. I am wearing glasses from the age of 7. Now my power is 6.5 Every year I check my power but past 9-10 years there is no any... READ MORE

I'm 3 months post Reflex smile surgery and my vision is still blurry in my left eye. Will it improve?

The surgery was performed because I had myopia in right eye ( 3) and Astigmatism in left eye , however left eye was ( 8) and good at sight. After the... READ MORE

Extreme high myopia. Can I save my eyes?

Dear doctors, i am29 year old boy having -19.5 left eyes and 21.5 in right eyes and its increase every time when i go to doctor. i did not take... READ MORE

Can I Improve my Eyesight Without Surgery?

My myopia was -3.50 when I was first diagnosed with it. 10 years later my myopia is now reduced to -2.50 I don't know how it got reduced. I can live... READ MORE

Left eye has -0.75 myopia after laser surgery of -8.30. Regression or fluctuations? Right eye is good, left is painful/blurry

I had Lasik with excimer laser 40 days ago ..m 20 year old ....right eye just ok but left eye feel pain and blurriness .and now have -0.75 myopia.what... READ MORE

Less corneal thickness and myopia (-9D). Any suggestions?

I have myopia(-9D) my corneal thickness is 464. My doctor had advised me to not go for lasik. i want to know are their any other alternative surgeries... READ MORE

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