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Should I Wear Glasses?

I am diagnosed to have -0.25 astigmatism, should I wear glasses? READ MORE

When age does eyesight stabilize?

My daughter has thick glasses -4 prescription she is only 12 and her glasses make her eyes look small and solution? READ MORE

My eye sight is -4.50. Should I go for laser surgery?

I am 28 years old, unmarried and working lady. I had glasses since last 12 years. Iwear lenses but occasionally. my number stops 4 years ago. Now i... READ MORE

Why are objects viewed by my left eye narrower than they should be? I see an oval when I look at a ball.

I had an accomodating IOL inplanted in my left eye, followed up by lasek. Pre-op +2.75 -2.74 010 post-op +1.50 -.75 010. My right eye is +1.50 -1.25... READ MORE

I had laser eye surgery 8 years ago, and now I need reading glasses. Can I have more surgery to correct this?

I was short sighted initially and I had eye laser surgery. It has been approx 8 years. Now my I can't read clearly and but still can see far. I am... READ MORE


Hi, I've been wearing glasses for many years now. Every year it gets worse. I was just curious of what can be done to exclude glasses out of my... READ MORE

Corneal haze after Laser.

I am PhD student from India (31). My right eye undergone LASIK at the age of 17 (twice) but there is no any improvement in my vision even using... READ MORE

Can my astigmatism be the cause for the droopiness on one side of my face? (photo)

I was diagnosed with astigmatism of my right eye when I was younger. Over time, the right side of my face has seemed to get droopy and my eye looks... READ MORE

Is it possible to improve my vision with the help of laser surgery if i have squint in one of my eyes?

I have squint in my left eye.i also wear spectacles and the lens number is different for both of my eyes.Is it possible to improve my vision with the... READ MORE

I am a young adult with poor vision and cataracts. What procedures can I have?

I am a young adult with poor vision and wear glasses most of the time. I also have cataracts, but they aren't that big of a deal now. I was just... READ MORE

Regarding Myopia - scared.

Am 37 years old female. I am wearing glasses from the age of 7. Now my power is 6.5 Every year I check my power but past 9-10 years there is no any... READ MORE

What is the diagnose of c/d ratio 0.87 right eye and 0.57 left eye with normal eye pressure? (photos)

I was diagnose glaucoma suspect by Coincidence since 2012 .My eye glasses -7sph with -4 cyl both eyes .Eye pressure is within normal both eyes without... READ MORE

The left eye is farsighted and the right one has hyperopia with astigmatism. The difference is too big. What can be done?

I recently got a new pair of glasses but on the left eye I have a plain lens and for the right eye the diopter is +2.50 spherical and +1 cylindrical... READ MORE

Can prescription glasses fully correct astigmatism caused by chalazion?

I have a firm chalazion on my upper left lid for five months which is inducing astigmatism. I want to know if prescription glasses would be able to... READ MORE

I have 200 and 300 Eye Vision. Any suggestions?

Hi! I had my first ever eye check-up last week.The result came out and found out that my left eye has 200 eye grade while my right has 300. Pretty... READ MORE

It's Been Now 8 Years After my Laser Eye Surgery, Marks Still Appears.How to Remove Dents on Nose Bridge from Wearing Glasses?

It's been now 8 years after my laser eye surgery, marks still appears on each side of nose and little on uppper part of nose. How to Remove Dents on... READ MORE

Can you discuss the various options for presbyopia surgery? Where can it be done either in Washington State or Vancouver, B.C.?

I am 56 and tired of wearing reading glasses. I have at least 30 pairs around the house and cars. I've had my eyes checked by an optometrist and other... READ MORE

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