Dry Eyes + Laser Eye Surgery

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Large Red Veins in Sclera?

I got dry eyes from exessive computer use and for the past month i was unable to treat it because i was out of my home country i took some medication... READ MORE

Dry Eye (Red Scleral Veins) Computer Use?

I was wondering if Dry eyes from computer use can go away easily or if it doesnt matter the cause and I have to undergo a long treatment for my Large... READ MORE

7 month post-op, I still have dry eyes and blurry vision. Is this an issue to address with my Dr. or will it heal in time?

I had laser surgery on 5/9/14. I had some dry eye issues before whenever I wore my contacts. I understand that is usual with contact wearing. I wore... READ MORE

I Am 50 Interested in Intralase Eye Laser Surgery, Should I Be Hesitant Since I Have Dry Eyes?

I am 50 yrs old. I have myopia and seeing a very reputable surgeon in New West to do the Intralase Eye surgery. I am terrified as I have dry eyes.... READ MORE

Voltaren Ophthalmic Solution - Safe Long Term?

My GP prescribed me with a bottle of Voltaren Ophthalmic Solution to help manage the pain of my dry eyes. The current plan is for me to use this eye... READ MORE

Dry Eyes Problem. How to Fix?

I am now getting treatment with eyedrops for my dry eyes and i was wondering if i should close my eyes as long as i can during the day to make them... READ MORE

Is it normal to have one eye blurry after LASIK?

It's been 5 days since LASIK. My left eye is almost completely fine, except from dry eye, but nothing severe. But my right eye is bad, it's blurry and... READ MORE

Is it normal to still use eye drops one year after PKR surgery?

I had surgery 13 months ago. My vision is fine but I still use eye drops (Hyabuak) because I feel my eyes dry. Not so much as the beginning, but 3-4... READ MORE

Laser eye surgery dry eyes?

One of the biggest negatives from researching laser eye surgery is dry eye - I already have dry eyes to the point that contact lens wear is very... READ MORE

Can Taking Chromium Supplements Cause Dry Eyes?

My eyes have been really dry lately, the only supplements I take are zinc, chromium and fish oil. Could chromium or any of these supplement cause my... READ MORE

Why my eyes are so blurry at night? I can't focus on things, contrast is horrible and very sharp.

I had laser eyes surgery 5 days my eyes are really dry i use artificial tears i put 2 drops in each every 1 hour eye i still feel feel dry eyes i feel... READ MORE

Issues With My Eyes?

Hello dr. i know this may not be completely cosmetic as partially medical my eyes are very dry for around 3-4 months when i lift my upper eyelid i see... READ MORE

I Can Not Read Letters from Very Far Away?

I have to mention that my right eye is somehow dry and it gets watery once I a while also when I wear color contacts it feels itchy.is there anything... READ MORE

My left eye retina is a bit weak. Doctor consultation suggested laser treatment to make it strong.

So do you fell relex smile is an better option for me and are there any chances that I'll get dry eyes or any other eye problem in future READ MORE

Intralase - Reading Vision?

I am 35 had my Intralse done two months ago. I am 35 years old. Before surgery I am -2.25 in both eyes. I still feel dry eyes, how long will it take... READ MORE

NOTES - Sticked cataract on eye, together with glaucoma, allergies and dry eye. Any suggestions?

Hello My father has a "sticked" cataract. Its glued on his eye, and it needs special surgery. He has also Glaucoma and Dry Eye. A doctor has made a... READ MORE

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