Dry Eyes + Laser Eye Surgery

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Large Red Veins in Sclera?

I got dry eyes from exessive computer use and for the past month i was unable to treat it because i was out of my home country i took some medication... READ MORE

Dry Eye (Red Scleral Veins) Computer Use?

I was wondering if Dry eyes from computer use can go away easily or if it doesnt matter the cause and I have to undergo a long treatment for my Large... READ MORE

I Am 50 Interested in Intralase Eye Laser Surgery, Should I Be Hesitant Since I Have Dry Eyes?

I am 50 yrs old. I have myopia and seeing a very reputable surgeon in New West to do the Intralase Eye surgery. I am terrified as I have dry eyes.... READ MORE

Voltaren Ophthalmic Solution - Safe Long Term?

My GP prescribed me with a bottle of Voltaren Ophthalmic Solution to help manage the pain of my dry eyes. The current plan is for me to use this eye... READ MORE

7 month post-op, I still have dry eyes and blurry vision. Is this an issue to address with my Dr. or will it heal in time?

I had laser surgery on 5/9/14. I had some dry eye issues before whenever I wore my contacts. I understand that is usual with contact wearing. I wore... READ MORE

Dry Eyes Problem. How to Fix?

I am now getting treatment with eyedrops for my dry eyes and i was wondering if i should close my eyes as long as i can during the day to make them... READ MORE

Is it normal to still use eye drops one year after PKR surgery?

I had surgery 13 months ago. My vision is fine but I still use eye drops (Hyabuak) because I feel my eyes dry. Not so much as the beginning, but 3-4... READ MORE

Can Taking Chromium Supplements Cause Dry Eyes?

My eyes have been really dry lately, the only supplements I take are zinc, chromium and fish oil. Could chromium or any of these supplement cause my... READ MORE

Why my eyes are so blurry at night? I can't focus on things, contrast is horrible and very sharp.

I had laser eyes surgery 5 days my eyes are really dry i use artificial tears i put 2 drops in each every 1 hour eye i still feel feel dry eyes i feel... READ MORE

Issues With My Eyes?

Hello dr. i know this may not be completely cosmetic as partially medical my eyes are very dry for around 3-4 months when i lift my upper eyelid i see... READ MORE

I Can Not Read Letters from Very Far Away?

I have to mention that my right eye is somehow dry and it gets watery once I a while also when I wear color contacts it feels itchy.is there anything... READ MORE

Intralase - Reading Vision?

I am 35 had my Intralse done two months ago. I am 35 years old. Before surgery I am -2.25 in both eyes. I still feel dry eyes, how long will it take... READ MORE

Sticked cataract on eye, together with glaucoma, allergies and dry eye. Any suggestions?

Hello My father has a "sticked" cataract. Its glued on his eye, and it needs special surgery. He has also Glaucoma and Dry Eye. A doctor has made a... READ MORE

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