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Is it possible to remove a corneal scar with Laser Treatment instead of surgery?

I am 28 years old. i have a corneal scar on my left eye( two years ago ). i want to know that how to remove it. my scar is big. the doctors in my... READ MORE

What is the Next Best Treatment to Try for Corneal Erosion?

Recurrent corneal erosion in both eyes, worse in R eye. Painful. Already used the gels, mura 128 and a contact 4 2wks. 2 days after contact removed,... READ MORE

Induced astigmatism after ReLEX SMILE surgery. Will it heal?

Please help me since I am totally disappointed with my surgery's outcome so far. I had ReLEX Smile done 2 weeks ago. Everything seemed fine, the... READ MORE

Calculation of Corneal Scar Depth

What should 1 consider as corneal scar depth in ant. oct report- scar in total or scar left after 5 months healing(thining). While doing surgery what... READ MORE

What is my Option of Eyesight Treatment with a -6.0 in Both Eyes and a Central Corneal Thickness of 413 and 427?

I am 27 and have a prescription of -6.0 in both eyes and a central corneal thickness of 413 (right eye) and 427 (left eye). So, Lasik is not an option... READ MORE

Question on corneal scar

I had a bacterial conjunctivitis initially.. Then after a month i had a viral conjunctivitis.. Now even after two months with the redness gone I am... READ MORE

I am 19 years old. I have -9 and -11 nearsightedness. Corneal thickness is 510 and 508. Which eye surgery should I consider?

I had myopia since i was small and it has increasing to -9 and -11. Since the last year it is stable. So now i am considering eye surgery. But my... READ MORE

Why I Do Have White Spots in the Pupil or Sometimes Like a White Shadow?

I Have done an eyelid surgery, cause i was suffering from a full ptosis due to the removal of an optic nerve meningioma. its been 2 month that i have... READ MORE

Best Procedure for Severe Myopia?

I have a prescription of -10 in both eyes and an average cornea thickness (440), one doctor recomend for me the permenant lens implants and another... READ MORE

Why Am I Getting Cornea Erosion?

Hi I have been suffering with corneal erosion for the last 3 years. It happens every night. My eyelids stick to the suffers and scrap the corneal. The... READ MORE

A herpatic outbreak and scarring on the cornea. Any suggestions?

A herpatic outbreak has left scarring on my cornea on the left eye. It has distorted my vision from a distance. Will the scarring subside within time... READ MORE

Finding a good ophthalmologist?

I want to get a pannus removed from my cornea (one eye). Would any ophthalmologist who does surgery be sufficient or is it best performed by a corneal... READ MORE

Unsatisfactory Oucome Post ReLEx SMILE. Confusing Rx. Very worried. Am I suitable for Enhancement?

Pre-op R -6.25/-1.50, L -6.25/-1.75 (manifest and cycloplegic) Underwent ReLEx SMILE 8wk ago, uneventful. Initial cornea thickness R 529 L 536. Cap... READ MORE

I have corneal unspecified opacity. Need a advice for corneal scar treatment? (photo)

Today i have visited my doctor and doctor says that i have corneal scar 250 um (scar depth) ,484 um(full thickness of cornea) and he says if i dont... READ MORE

I Read That PRK or LASIK Treatment Burns the Cornea, Does It Grows Back to Its Normal Size?

I read in websites and heard from a specialist that PRK or LASIK treatment burns the cornea and basically "chops" the cornea until the visionn is... READ MORE

Can I go for Smile?

I have -7 and -7.5 with -3.5 and -3.75cyl in left and right eyes respectively. My corneal thickness is 542, but i am not an eligible candidate for lasik. READ MORE

Eye Retina Sitting Down?

My son age is 12 years and 6 months. a straw was hit in his right eye. cornea was damages and was repaired after 7 days due to high infection. now... READ MORE

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