Cataract + Laser Eye Surgery

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Post Cataract Surgery, my Eyes Seem to Be Different Sizes. Is This Possible?

I had cataract surgery with lens implanted in both eyes. My right eye was focused for distance and the left for close-up. Should one eye now be... READ MORE

Is It Safe to Have Laser Eye Surgery?

I had cataracts removed from both eyes and now the I am told that I need laser to clear up my vision. Is this a safe procedure? READ MORE

Drooping Eyelid - Post-cataract Removal? (photo)

I am a 69-year old female. Last December I had cataract removal on my right eye (left eye was done in September). Since the second surgery, I have... READ MORE

Droopy Eyelid After Cataract Surgery?

Shortly after left eye cataract surgery I had swelling and pain in the eye and was put on a mild steroid drop for about 1 month followed by a much... READ MORE

Risks of Cataract Surgery for an Eldery Person Aged 70 Years?

For future reading purposes, we were advised to do cataract surgery as the vision is getting blur. 1. How long does the surgery lasts? 2. Will there... READ MORE

I can see a strange scary bright light in my pupil after cataract surgery. Any suggestions?

I've had cataract surgery 4 weeks ago in my left eye ( I'm 43 years old) I can see clearly now but when I look in the mirror and the light is shining... READ MORE

Is it normal to have a scar in the middle of your eye after cataract surgery?

My mom has a scar and it sometimes bothers her. She says she feels she has something in her eye, like when you have an eyelash floating around. The... READ MORE

Can IOL be removed?

I had cataract surgery and had an IOL put in my eye and my vision is worse than it was before. Is it possible to remove an IOL and put the old lens... READ MORE

Can I have one more laser surgery in my eye ?

I am 29 years old. i was done cataract laser surgery and fit the lens in my both eyes when i was 17 years old. Now i am facing low vision from my... READ MORE

Cataract surgery for an early 50 year old. Any thoughts?

I've worn contacts without issue for 30+ years. I am nearsighted with both eyes being 8.5 corrective lenses. I wear a 7.0 in one eye to address... READ MORE

How safe and effective is it to have your lenses replaced with artificial multifocal lenses when cataracts are not present?

Age 56, male in good health with moderate nearsightedness (-2.75) and astigmatism (+1.25 to +1.75). Reading is getting more challenging especially in... READ MORE

About cataract operation. Is there any risk?

Sir my dad is a diabetic patient.he already had a cataract operation for his right eye.Now he need to have the other eye to be is there... READ MORE

I Am Still Having Occasional Vision Twitches After Cataract/Toric Lens Surgery 5 Weeks Ago; is This a Common Side Effect?

The incision was made on the top of my eye verses the side. My surgeon said that it was taking awhile because he wanted to get the lens in the correct... READ MORE

IOL Halos post cataract surgery? (photo)

I've recently had cataract surgery, 18.0 D Alcon monofocal IOL inserted into right eye.  I see lots more light and colors, but there's an "all... READ MORE

I Just Had a Cataract Removed, Right Eye. Alcon 18.0 D Replacement Lens. Post Lasik Glare Now a Problem?

I'm 12 years post Lasik procedure and glare from that procedure, which had been "hidden" by the cataract, is now quite apparent. If I look through a... READ MORE

ICL Surgery in New York or Long Island? Looking for an experienced eye doctor. What do I look for?

Hi, I am looking for an experienced eye doctor who has done quite a few ICL eye procedures. I have gone to TLC eye care in NYC and they seem good, but... READ MORE

Sticked cataract on eye, together with glaucoma, allergies and dry eye. Any suggestions?

Hello My father has a "sticked" cataract. Its glued on his eye, and it needs special surgery. He has also Glaucoma and Dry Eye. A doctor has made a... READ MORE

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