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Am I suitable for ReLex Smile procedure?

I have myopia of -7.00, -7.00 in right and left eyes with -0.25, -0.50 astigmatism, age 23. Today I have consulted doctor he said I have 493nm, 487nm... READ MORE

Laser Eye Surgery for Myopia?

Hello! I am 30 y.old and having myopia. My left eye is 20/80 and right eye is 20/80. Can laser eye surgery fix my eye vision? How much does it cost?... READ MORE

Retinal Detachment and Laser Eye Surgery?

I recently had a detached retina that was treated successfully. What are the risks of having laser eye suregery after a retinal detachment. Does PRK... READ MORE

I Am 50 Interested in Intralase Eye Laser Surgery, Should I Be Hesitant Since I Have Dry Eyes?

I am 50 yrs old. I have myopia and seeing a very reputable surgeon in New West to do the Intralase Eye surgery. I am terrified as I have dry eyes.... READ MORE

Is it true that red eyes can be made white again, as in this picture?

I hope for the white of the eyes as in the picture here: For decades my various ophthalmologists... READ MORE

I'm 23, right eye 6.25 myopia & 0.75 astigmatism, left eye 6.00 myopia & 0.75 astigmatism. Candidate for Refractive surgery?

 My central corneal thickness is 485 micrones. I have been turned down for PRK, they told me I should have at least 420 micrones left & this will... READ MORE

Would I be a candidate for corrective eye surgery with an eye sight power of +8.5 (farsightedness)?

If it can not be cured to 20/20 with one surgery, would I be able to get another to fix the rest? Is it a one time procedure and that is it? READ MORE

I Pluck Hairs From Upper Eyelid and Now Left With Red Marks. Normal? Can I Still Get Laser Eye Surgery?

I pluck them and am now left with a red mark where I plucked it, Is this normal and can i still get laser eye surgery? READ MORE

Is relex smile suitable for Cylindral numbers?

My right eye prescription is -4.25 spherical with-1.5 cylindrical and left eye is -1.25 sph with -1 cylinder. I m planning for relex smile.. I want... READ MORE

Which surgery is best for me? My doctor advised me not to do LASIK.

Sir, I am having 460 and 450 micron thickness in my kaft and Right eye respectively and I wat to do LASIK but doctor advised me to not do LASIK so... READ MORE

Vision 20/200. Is there any type of surgery that could fix this? (Photo)

I was shot in the eye with a paintball as a kid causing me to have 20/200 vision and a lazy eye is there any type of surgery that could fix this? READ MORE

I have very thin corneas, they are under the 450 micron spectrum high myopia (-9 left, -8 right).

My doctor told me im not a candidate for lasik, and im pretty sure im not for PRK, but i would like confirmation from another doctor. Also i would... READ MORE

Severe Hyperopia, Phakic IOL, Safe?

For a prescription, +7.75 / -2.25 and +8.50 / 3.25 , would a phakic IOL be safe? My anterior chamber is deep. I would have to goto europe for this as... READ MORE

Legally Blind, Right Eye 1000 Left Eye 1050. Should I Get Correction or Just Live with What I Have?

My left eye is 1050 and my right eye is 1000. This is very bad. I am blind without correction. I would like to be able to see where I'm going when I... READ MORE

Can I go for Smile?

I have -7 and -7.5 with -3.5 and -3.75cyl in left and right eyes respectively. My corneal thickness is 542, but i am not an eligible candidate for lasik. READ MORE

I Have Had Glaucoma Since Age 12?

Lumigan0.03% is the Only eye drop that has stabilized my pressures. 0.01% is too weak. And I have tried others. Only to go back to 0.03% Lumigan.... READ MORE

Can I have a laser surgery to my eyes after one year from orbital decompression surgery?

I had an orbital decompression surgery a year ago and i have a double vision On my left eye because it got damaged after the surgery. Can i have a... READ MORE

Am I a suitable candidate for Relex Smile inspite of a thin cornea?

My eye sight is -3.00 ( both eyes) and have astigmatism of -0.75. My age is 30. My cornea thickness is 480nm (both eyes). I have consulted 2... READ MORE

I want the best suggested treatment for my eyes

My eyes power - 18in left eye and - 9 in the right eye... which will b the best treatment... plz suggest me READ MORE

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