Blurry Vision + Laser Eye Surgery

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My Post Prk Complication. What Can I Do?

I had my prk on 1/5. got my bandage contact lenses off one day ago. after two jours from taking them i had the worst pain in my life in the left eye.... READ MORE

Relex Smile, 4 weeks postop. Acuity good but blurriness and glare/ghosting in bright light , is it most likely due to healing?

Ex: - someone in bright clothes walking toward me with daylight behind him i see his clothes glowing or edge of clothes slightly ghosting or blurry. -... READ MORE

7 month post-op, I still have dry eyes and blurry vision. Is this an issue to address with my Dr. or will it heal in time?

I had laser surgery on 5/9/14. I had some dry eye issues before whenever I wore my contacts. I understand that is usual with contact wearing. I wore... READ MORE

Induced astigmatism after ReLEX SMILE surgery. Will it heal?

Please help me since I am totally disappointed with my surgery's outcome so far. I had ReLEX Smile done 2 weeks ago. Everything seemed fine, the... READ MORE

Removed Epithelium for Lasik Anhancement, is It Safe? Time of Recovery?

I had ghosting and starburst on my left eye, in colombia. And the surgeon told me to have an enhancement:lifting the flap to put it back down again,... READ MORE

When I Focus Something I See a Gray Circle Block my Target, Advise?

I 31 and a week ago i noted that my right eye is not working very well, i see a gray circle in front of me and i have headache an sometimes i feel... READ MORE

​I had laser surgery about 3 years ago, and I am afraid I am losing vision again in my left eye. what should I do?

I had laser surgery about 3 years ago.I have red veins in my left eye (like splotches) & my vision is blurrier than my right eye.  It´s been ... READ MORE

Laser or Lasik?

Hi Doctors, I had a Laser for my eyes 6 years back & i feel that my vision became little blurry, so i knew that i need a touch up. When i visited... READ MORE

Is it normal to have one eye blurry after LASIK?

It's been 5 days since LASIK. My left eye is almost completely fine, except from dry eye, but nothing severe. But my right eye is bad, it's blurry and... READ MORE

Why are objects viewed by my left eye narrower than they should be? I see an oval when I look at a ball.

I had an accomodating IOL inplanted in my left eye, followed up by lasek. Pre-op +2.75 -2.74 010 post-op +1.50 -.75 010. My right eye is +1.50 -1.25... READ MORE

Received Relex Smile procedure about 2 weeks ago. One eye (right) blurry for far distance only. Is this normal?

Objects from afar is clear in my left eye but it is blurred in my right eye. This makes it uncomfortable looking at objects in the distance with both... READ MORE

Blurry vision & Haziness after 1 month of Relex Smile. Any suggestions?

Underwent Relex Smile Surgery 4 weeks ago. Power before surgery was -3.75 in both eyes. Blurry vision & Haziness after 1 month of Relex Smile. Doctor... READ MORE

Blurry vision in my left eye after Relex smile surgery. Is this normal?

I'm now more than a month after the Relex smile surgery for both eyes. I'm looking perfectly with my right eye while my left on still blurry and can't... READ MORE

I'm 3 months post Reflex smile surgery and my vision is still blurry in my left eye. Will it improve?

The surgery was performed because I had myopia in right eye ( 3) and Astigmatism in left eye , however left eye was ( 8) and good at sight. After the... READ MORE

3 days after Laser Eye surgery I rubbed my eyes hard in my sleep

I had my surgery Thursday morning and was given protective sleep goggles..I have been so very carefull yet early hours this morning (Sunday) I woke... READ MORE

Can Blurry Eye After the Laser Treatment Be a Serious Problem?

I had Lasik 1.5 month ago. My left eye is still blurry and much more dry than the right eye.The bluriness affects smaller objects or details in far... READ MORE

Why my eyes are so blurry at night? I can't focus on things, contrast is horrible and very sharp.

I had laser eyes surgery 5 days my eyes are really dry i use artificial tears i put 2 drops in each every 1 hour eye i still feel feel dry eyes i feel... READ MORE

Left eye has -0.75 myopia after laser surgery of -8.30. Regression or fluctuations? Right eye is good, left is painful/blurry

I had Lasik with excimer laser 40 days ago ..m 20 year old ....right eye just ok but left eye feel pain and blurriness .and now have -0.75 myopia.what... READ MORE

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