Astigmatism + Laser Eye Surgery

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Am I suitable for ReLex Smile procedure?

I have myopia of -7.00, -7.00 in right and left eyes with -0.25, -0.50 astigmatism, age 23. Today I have consulted doctor he said I have 493nm, 487nm... READ MORE

Induced astigmatism after ReLEX SMILE surgery. Will it heal?

Please help me since I am totally disappointed with my surgery's outcome so far. I had ReLEX Smile done 2 weeks ago. Everything seemed fine, the... READ MORE

3 Years Old with High Astigmatism?

3 years old daughter diagnosed with high Astigmatism. Reading:- Auto Refraction: OD: +0.50 -4.25x 001, OS: -0.50 -4.75x 002 Retinoscopy: OD: +0.50 -4... READ MORE

Should I Wear Glasses?

I am diagnosed to have -0.25 astigmatism, should I wear glasses? READ MORE

Can a Blow-out Fracture of the Orbital Floor Cause Astigmatism? (photo)

I had an accident resulting in a blow-out fracture of my orbital floor. I had surgery 2 days later and a titanium plate put in. My eyesight never went... READ MORE

Vision Correction?

I have myopia and astigmatism, I am 24. I want to know what is the best vision correction procedure for me or should I stick with glasses. Every year... READ MORE

Relex smile eye tracker system and astigmatism correction.

I have 2.5 myopia and 0.5 astigmat.i cant decide between relex smile and intralasik. some says relex smile can correct astigmatism as lasik is it... READ MORE

Which is Better Treatment Option for Me...ICL or LASIK?

I m 25/F Asian(Indian) with myopia in Right eye -6.0 D & astigmatism -1.5 D;Left eye -4.5 D & cylindrical sight -1.5 D. My corneal thickness... READ MORE

I Am 58 Years Old. I Have Been Wearing Glasses for Near and Far Sightenedess for over 15 Years?

I am ready to do surgery and looking for the best option for me. I suffer from both far-sightedness & near-sightedness and spend hundreds/ even... READ MORE

I have a high astigmatism. How can I get rid of it naturally and stop wearing glasses/

I have a high astigmatism how can I get rid of it naturally and stop wearing glasses READ MORE

I'm 56 with healthy eyes but tired of wearing glasses for myopia (-2.75) and astigmatism (-1.25 to -1.75). What are my options?

LASIK will most likely require me to use readers post-op. I'm considering Tecnis multifocal intraocular lens implants. Will these devices really... READ MORE


Hi, I've been wearing glasses for many years now. Every year it gets worse. I was just curious of what can be done to exclude glasses out of my... READ MORE

Can my astigmatism be the cause for the droopiness on one side of my face? (photo)

I was diagnosed with astigmatism of my right eye when I was younger. Over time, the right side of my face has seemed to get droopy and my eye looks... READ MORE

Best refrective procedure for thin corneas?

I have thin corneas 460mm b/l. My prescription is -5.0 n -5.5 with one eye astigmatism of 0.5. Declined for LASIK. Came across about supralasik... READ MORE

I'm 3 months post Reflex smile surgery and my vision is still blurry in my left eye. Will it improve?

The surgery was performed because I had myopia in right eye ( 3) and Astigmatism in left eye , however left eye was ( 8) and good at sight. After the... READ MORE

is this astigmatism good or bad?

My eye examination says I have (-2.25/-6.75x165) on the right eye and on the left eye is (+0.75/-9.25x10), is my astigmatism good or bad? Before I go... READ MORE

Am I a suitable candidate for Relex Smile inspite of a thin cornea?

My eye sight is -3.00 ( both eyes) and have astigmatism of -0.75. My age is 30. My cornea thickness is 480nm (both eyes). I have consulted 2... READ MORE

I am looking for a way to improve my vision and reduce scarring of the cornea. Any suggestions?

Scarring is epithelial and may be into underlying cornea as a result of surface ablation laser. the scarring was lasered again two years later, but... READ MORE

Which corrective eye surgery is right for me?

I am a 42 yr old male and have been wearing corrective lens since I was 7 yrs old. Currently wearing RGP. I have a very high prescription with... READ MORE

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