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Am I suitable for ReLex Smile procedure?

I have myopia of -7.00, -7.00 in right and left eyes with -0.25, -0.50 astigmatism, age 23. Today I have consulted doctor he said I have 493nm, 487nm... READ MORE

Adult Pseudostrabismus Due to Negative Angle Kappa?

I am 22 years old and have pseudoesotropia in both eyes due to a negative angle kappa. My vision is fine but I appear cross-eyed (it seems to get... READ MORE

I'm 23, right eye 6.25 myopia & 0.75 astigmatism, left eye 6.00 myopia & 0.75 astigmatism. Candidate for Refractive surgery?

 My central corneal thickness is 485 micrones. I have been turned down for PRK, they told me I should have at least 420 micrones left & this will... READ MORE

I am 19 years old. I have -9 and -11 nearsightedness. Corneal thickness is 510 and 508. Which eye surgery should I consider?

I had myopia since i was small and it has increasing to -9 and -11. Since the last year it is stable. So now i am considering eye surgery. But my... READ MORE

Vision Correction?

I have myopia and astigmatism, I am 24. I want to know what is the best vision correction procedure for me or should I stick with glasses. Every year... READ MORE

What are the chances of my eyesight getting at least 90% better with a laser eye surgery? What surgery would be best?

I am 22, but my eyesight is terrible, it's -11.25, maybe even -12 now. What surgery would be best? Lasik or something else? What are the realistic... READ MORE

Will decompressive surgery take all of the bulging away or just some? How will he know if my other eye is normal?

I am 24 years of age. I have serious self esteem issues now. I really just want to know if I will ever look normal again if I go through with this. I... READ MORE

20yr old girl.. Hypermetrop (R) - +5.5& (L) - +8.5..What to do

Initially I began with +1.5 in right and +5.5 in left but now after artopinisation my eye sight is found to be +5.5 right and +8.5 left eye and... READ MORE

Can I get refractive eye surgery if my vision doesn't stabilize?

I am wearing -10 glasses.what if my vision doesnt stabilize.i am 23 years old.if my visison doesnt stabilize can i still get any surgery? READ MORE

How can I fix my lazy eye? (photo)

I'm 20 and for about 2yrs now I have noticed my left eye being lazy. When I was a child, even a teen, there was no lazy eye. NOW every time I look in... READ MORE

How to Overcome Serious Yellowing Eyes Due to my Allergic Problem?

Hye im a 20 years old female.. im so upset with my eyes condition since i was kid.. is it possible to get the normal eyes colour? can anyone suggest... READ MORE

Is there any way to get eyeball of normal sized?

I am 23 year old boy.i had a caratoconus problem in my both eye.last lear i had been treated with c3r operation. but after the treatment my conea is... READ MORE

I'm a healthy 24 year old female. Since I was 16 I see gray spots in my vision periodically.

It happens (or at least I notice it) mostly when I am driving. It also happens when I'm outside, I rarely see it indoors. These spots are transparent... READ MORE

Can someone fix my vision?

I was 18 months old and lost my vision in my right eye by removal of my eye lense I can see but looks like looking through a bottle of oil I'm 21 now... READ MORE

Is it too late to repair my entrapment?

21 year-old male hit in the eye with a hard street hockey ball. My orbital floor was broken & have double vision. My original ophthamologist and ENT... READ MORE

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