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Correcting Laser Eye Surgery Side Effects

I had laser surgery done 4 years ago and still have starbursts, halos, and glare. Is there any help for me? READ MORE

My Post Prk Complication. What Can I Do?

I had my prk on 1/5. got my bandage contact lenses off one day ago. after two jours from taking them i had the worst pain in my life in the left eye.... READ MORE

Is It Common to Have Restricted Eye Movement Up After an Eye Orbit Fracture, Entrp Muscle?

My daughter had an injury to her eye and had surgery 9 days ago, lower orbital fracture and entrapped muscle. The fracture was repaired and the muscle... READ MORE

Relex Smile, 4 weeks postop. Acuity good but blurriness and glare/ghosting in bright light , is it most likely due to healing?

Ex: - someone in bright clothes walking toward me with daylight behind him i see his clothes glowing or edge of clothes slightly ghosting or blurry. -... READ MORE

Wavelight Allegretto Wave Eye-Q Flying Spot Laser from Alcon

What is the Max Optical Zone and Treatment Zone that this laser could correct? How good is this laser? So far its been 6 weeks and my night vision... READ MORE

Loss of Contrast

I've noticed that since I've had intralase lasik things look strange when the lighting is dim, but when I go outside in daylight things return... READ MORE

3 Years after Laser Eye Surgery, red veins are becoming more visible in my eyes, mostly in my left. What are these? (photos)

When I wake up they seem less red and less severe, but as the day passes by they become more and more noticeable. For that reason my left eye looks... READ MORE

7 month post-op, I still have dry eyes and blurry vision. Is this an issue to address with my Dr. or will it heal in time?

I had laser surgery on 5/9/14. I had some dry eye issues before whenever I wore my contacts. I understand that is usual with contact wearing. I wore... READ MORE

Induced astigmatism after ReLEX SMILE surgery. Will it heal?

Please help me since I am totally disappointed with my surgery's outcome so far. I had ReLEX Smile done 2 weeks ago. Everything seemed fine, the... READ MORE

Removed Epithelium for Lasik Anhancement, is It Safe? Time of Recovery?

I had ghosting and starburst on my left eye, in colombia. And the surgeon told me to have an enhancement:lifting the flap to put it back down again,... READ MORE

Muller Muscle Resection?

I had a muller muscle resection about 3 days ago, immediately after surgery i could not open my eye at all, now 3 day post operative i can only open... READ MORE

Why Did My Eye Reject the Gold Weight that was Implanted to Help Closure?

I had a gold weight placed in my eye to help closure. This helped but several weeks later why did my gold weight try and make its way out of my eye..... READ MORE

Received Relex Smile procedure about 2 weeks ago. One eye (right) blurry for far distance only. Is this normal?

Objects from afar is clear in my left eye but it is blurred in my right eye. This makes it uncomfortable looking at objects in the distance with both... READ MORE

Blurry vision & Haziness after 1 month of Relex Smile. Any suggestions?

Underwent Relex Smile Surgery 4 weeks ago. Power before surgery was -3.75 in both eyes. Blurry vision & Haziness after 1 month of Relex Smile. Doctor... READ MORE

Unsatisfactory Oucome Post ReLEx SMILE. Confusing Rx. Very worried. Am I suitable for Enhancement?

Pre-op R -6.25/-1.50, L -6.25/-1.75 (manifest and cycloplegic) Underwent ReLEx SMILE 8wk ago, uneventful. Initial cornea thickness R 529 L 536. Cap... READ MORE

What Causes my Eyelid to Droop After Consuming Alcohol?

I have had laser eye surgery and ever since then my right upper eye lid droops when I consume alcohol. This never used to happen. What could be... READ MORE

Can Enophthalmos Be Corrected After 4 Months? (photo)

I had a cheekbone fracture with a orbital fracture 4 months back. The surgeon said that since the orbital floor seemed to got corrected during... READ MORE

Blurry vision in my left eye after Relex smile surgery. Is this normal?

I'm now more than a month after the Relex smile surgery for both eyes. I'm looking perfectly with my right eye while my left on still blurry and can't... READ MORE

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