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Will Lap Band Removal Always Result in Weight Gain?

I've been banded for six years and in that time have reached my goal weight (115 lbs loss). I can easily attribute half to the band and half to the... READ MORE

Do I need surgery again?

I had lab band surgery in December of 2007, lost 75 lbs but have gained back about 55 lbs and when I eat I sometimes still vomit and feel terrible.... READ MORE

I Had Gastric Bypass Just 6 Yrs Ago I Had a Hysterectomy Weight is Back is Lap Band an Option?

I Had Gastric Bypass Just 6 Yrs Ago  I Had a Hysterectomy Weight is Back is Lap Band an Option? READ MORE

I have the lap-band, my doctors advise me to change to the sleeve, should I?

Had the lap-band done lost 90lbs. then my upper pouch dilated gained 28lbs. my current weight is 175lbs Dr advise to remove the lapband and switch to... READ MORE

Lapband problems? Episode/vomiting food w/ black stuff, then vomiting black phlegm. Lasted 6 hours, vomited 10 times/more.

Had band for 6/7 years. No problems till 6/2016. Vomiting so bad till blood then couldn't even drink fluids. Went to ER, did test,no slippage. Dr... READ MORE

Weight Gain? Did my lapband come undone?

I had my surgery in May of 2008 in Mexico (225 lbs), started losing immediately and 3 years ago I leveled out at (145lbs) which was great, perfect... READ MORE

Has my gastric band slipped or do I just need a fill?

In Jan'14 I had a fill putting my band at 8.5 full, everything was good for about a month then I stared suffering acid reflux, waking up at night... READ MORE

Can I get a LAP Band with a BMI of 30?

After I graduated college (also was an athlete), I put on 50lbs in less then two years. I've tried almost every diet out there, and exercise 6x a... READ MORE

Will a pouch reset diet or a liquid diet and a fill get my lap band working again!?

I had lap band surgery in 2010 and went from 276lbs pre op to 184lbs post op which took me about a year and a half to lose. In 2013 I gained some... READ MORE

What are the reasons for weight regain after a gastric band surgery (Lapland, Realize Band)?

What are the reasons specific to a gastric band surgery versus the other types of weight loss surgeries that would lead to weight regain? Are you... READ MORE

Will I gain all the weight I lost back as soon as the band is removed or in the 2 month recovery time?

Considering having the band removed and having the sleeve done. Don't clarify for the sleeve until my bmi gets to 40 or above. Please answer my... READ MORE

Lap Band failure. I was told to regain all the weight to qualify for a replacement. Why?

I had the band three years ago and subsequently lost over 80 pounds. In December I had a slip and the doctor opted to remove it. I have since gained... READ MORE

Weight Gain After Emergency Colon Block Surgery (Eroded Lap Band)

Nov 1 had redo of breast implants. Nov 3 had tummy tuck. Nov 15 had emerg surg for intestinal and colon blockage. My lapband from 2006 had eroded into... READ MORE

AP Band Since 2009. 1st 3 Years Losing Just over 100 Pounds. Gained 40 Pounds Past Year?

Laparotomy 1 yr ago with fluid removed for the surgery. Since then band has not been adjusted properly. Gained some weight at 8.5 cc prior to surgery.... READ MORE

Would I qualify for lap band surgery?

Hi I'm 46 year old female I weigh 195 and I'm 5ft 4 my blood pressure has been crazy for 3 years I'm on 40 mg lisinipril and a water pull it still... READ MORE

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