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My Sister Had Lapband Surgery About 5 Years Ago and Has Pretty Much Been Vomiting at Almost Every Meal She Eats Since Then?

She refuses to go back to her doctor or do anything about this. She has not lost any weight, and says" think how big i would be if I didn't have it".... READ MORE

Does this sound like a band slippage?

I recently had an adjustment and I was good for 2 days, but yesterday about 3 hours after eating I began to have pain on my left side radiating from... READ MORE

Has my band slipped and if so what can be done as I don't want it removed?

I got a band fitted 6 years ago with only 2 fills done since but now I'm eating a lot more , but also have this consistent night cough and if I eat a... READ MORE

I'm having major physiological and physical issues! What should I do about the pain I'm suffering 6 years after lap band?

Problems 6 years after lapband placed. I'm throwing up 10-20 times a day. Sometimes can't even keep spit down. I have to stand to eat and stand pretty... READ MORE

can an EGD tell me if my gastric band slipped?

I have severe heart burn, vomit frequently , and am unable to eat. I cannot get an appt for over a month to my surgeon. I work in a hospital and spoke... READ MORE

I Had my Lapband 5 Years Ago. I Lost 150 Lbs. Fairly Quickly. It Stopped and I Have 150 to Go. What Should I Do? I'm Gaining Now

Surgeon left field and no one will touch me in Atlanta. Endocrinologist says I should have it removed so I can eat healthier proteins. Now I can eat... READ MORE

Has my Lapband Slipped?

I have had my lapband for over 5 years. I basically have vomited up phlegm after about 6 weeks post surgery. I have talked with my surgeon and he... READ MORE

Can the Band Be Removed and Another Procedure Done, or is This to High Risk?

I am 65yrs old had a band put on my stomach aprox. 25yrs ago. Worked well for a few yrs now weight is back. I still vomit when I eat certain foods... READ MORE

I've had a lap band for 4 yrs, but I've been throwing up foam for the last few months and nothing stays down. What's happening?

I just got orders to Japan in dec and military doctors have no clue what's going on with me I'm really worried I have not been eatin much but when I... READ MORE

Lap Band surgery in Mexico and vomiting for years. 5 yrs later I had liquid removed. I can't eat most things, what should I do?

I cant still eat breads meat most things I eat and live on chocolate I still hurt when I eat I just cant thtow up as easy as I used to. I had a docyor... READ MORE

How can I keep from vomiting up certain foods after having a lap band procedure done in January 2011?

I can't tolerate certain foods such as bread, chicken, turkey, watermelon and many other foods. I eat slowly, chew thoroughly, and don't eat a whole... READ MORE

Is my lap band functioning correctly after 1 week?

I have eaten nothing other than maybe an half an ounce of jello in the week since ive had my surgery and cannot hold water or juice down. the smallest... READ MORE

2 years post band, this week started with burning in throat, indigestion and vomiting after food? No band fill in 12 months.

Been great no problems and nearly at target weight, however in the last week I have been unable to eat without heartburn or throwing up some, not all... READ MORE

Lapband problems? Episode/vomiting food w/ black stuff, then vomiting black phlegm. Lasted 6 hours, vomited 10 times/more.

Had band for 6/7 years. No problems till 6/2016. Vomiting so bad till blood then couldn't even drink fluids. Went to ER, did test,no slippage. Dr... READ MORE

I've been coughing and vomiting on a daily basis. I now have fluid in my stomach. Could this be a complication of the lap band?

I had my lap band surgery in 2012. The last few months I have been coughing and vomiting on a daily basis. I went to the hospital and they drained 4... READ MORE

7 Years Out From Gastric Band, Recently the Thought of Food is Nauseating and I Throw Up After Meals?

I am 7 years out from surgery. Recently, I have been nauseated at the thought of food and get relief when I throw up after meals. There is a clump of... READ MORE

Could something be wrong with my band?

I've had the lap band for 7 years. About year ago I would occasionally get these gas pains in my upper stomach, it would hurt so bad I couldn't breath... READ MORE

Can something else be going on?

I am banded 3 yrs now . 6 days ago I had a severe case of a stomach virus , vomiting, diarrhea, nausea,I lost 11 lbs in 2 day. I decided to go to er... READ MORE

Constant feeling of the need to throw up. Any suggestions?

I had my surgery 6 years ago, and the last 2-3 months I have more days I can't eat than days that I can. I can get about 6-10 bites in. I am eating... READ MORE

Five years after lap band surgery and my band feels extremely tight. Why?

I had good weight loss and have only gained 13 lbs back. However, for the last several months I have had a difficult time eating and sometimes even... READ MORE

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