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Gastric Band Slippage Symptoms

What are signs that your gastric band has slipped? I've been having reflux like symptoms, but don't know if that means anything or just not to eat... READ MORE

Does this sound like a band slippage?

I recently had an adjustment and I was good for 2 days, but yesterday about 3 hours after eating I began to have pain on my left side radiating from... READ MORE

I've had a slight band slippage and had my band emptied, but I still feel pain. Is this normal?

I woke up three days ago to pain in my chest and back. After the pain became unbearable, I saw a doctor the next day. He suggested getting a barium... READ MORE

Lap Band Slipped, Could I Have the Sleeve Done?

I had the lap band over 1 1/2 yrs ago, and have lost 120lbs. I recently found out that it has slipped, and I need to have surgery again to have it... READ MORE

Has my band slipped and if so what can be done as I don't want it removed?

I got a band fitted 6 years ago with only 2 fills done since but now I'm eating a lot more , but also have this consistent night cough and if I eat a... READ MORE

can an EGD tell me if my gastric band slipped?

I have severe heart burn, vomit frequently , and am unable to eat. I cannot get an appt for over a month to my surgeon. I work in a hospital and spoke... READ MORE

Do need a fill or could it be a slippage? I can eat more than usual. I can even eat bread.

I have no signs of a slippage except that I can eat more than usual. I can even eat bread. I'm just worried about maybe having a slippage since I can... READ MORE

Has my lap band slipped?

I had a lap band 6 weeks ago. I've had my first fill and I feel hunger all the time. I can eat bread and all kinds of things. No pain or sickness... READ MORE

Lap band slip!! What is the process to fix a slip band?

What is the process to fix a slip band? Also what is the hospital time and recovery time?? When can you go back normal activities and working I am a nurse READ MORE

Has my gastric band slipped or do I just need a fill?

In Jan'14 I had a fill putting my band at 8.5 full, everything was good for about a month then I stared suffering acid reflux, waking up at night... READ MORE

Is this band slippage?

I've had my gastric band 9 years. Mostly i can eat without any problem, other days i feel the food sitting in my stomach for hours and usually throw... READ MORE

Has my Lap Band slipped?

I'm having bad reflux at night and during the day. 2 nights with little to no rest because of acid reflux and choking in sleep. Cannot reach my... READ MORE

I had my band de-filled Friday and yesterday, I took a couple sips of water. It was painful. Could it mean my band has slipped?

This mean I have a slip, I am having discomfort and almost a throbbing pain, I haven't eaten or drank anything since Wednesday, only small sips here... READ MORE

Do I have a slipped lap band?

I am slightly sore on the left side...stomach area and recently started having symptoms of feeling like I need to constantly swallow or cough. I'm not... READ MORE

Could my lap band have slipped?

I have a lap band and when I eat I take a few mouthfuls and get the normal 'stuck' sensation, I then have a sip of water (I know I shouldn't be... READ MORE

When you have a slipped band is it ok to stay on just liquids until they can get you back into the OR?

I am 6 years post op and have suspected a slip for over a year. Within the last 3 days the pain in the shoulder has been getting worse and returned o... READ MORE

Does this sound like a band slippage?

Hi I had my banding done 3 years ago and its worked well, last November 2014 I had an adjustment everything was ok, around 3 weeks later I started... READ MORE

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