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Can the Band Be Removed and Another Procedure Done, or is This to High Risk?

I am 65yrs old had a band put on my stomach aprox. 25yrs ago. Worked well for a few yrs now weight is back. I still vomit when I eat certain foods... READ MORE

I Am 29 Not Gotten Pregnant Yet Want Kids Desperately I'm 150 Lbs Overweight?

Can I get pregnant after putting in lapband? I really don't want anything to affect my chances been trying for years have been told probably just need... READ MORE

What Procedure Would I Qualify for if Any?

I am 47 years old with a BMI of 34.7. I have asthma, otherwise, no medical porblems. I have been trying to lose weight for several years with little... READ MORE

What are the chances of lap band slippage and other complications with lap band surgery?

Hello ,I am due for the lap band surgery ,my doctor told me about all the complication that can occur.  Lab band complications,I am double minded... READ MORE

Lapband after spleenectomy?

My surgeon said I could not have a lapband due to the fact that I had a spleenectomy and then my spleenectomy incision herniated and was prepared with... READ MORE

I'm a 56 year old female. I weigh 215 and am 5'5". I have high blood pressure and cholesterol.

I have surgery scheduled for Jan 17 but my daughters are giving me a hard time about having surgery again for weight loss since I have had so much... READ MORE

Is lap band revision surgery covered under original surgery if life threatening?

They finally diagnosed what is wrong with me. I have a lap band and it slipped and has a hole in it which has been releasing stomach acid into my... READ MORE

I am interested in lap band surgery? My BMI is 32.6 and I am 56 years old with Essential Thrombocythemia

My cholesterol is moderately high. I also have degenerative disk disease which is aggravated by my weight as well as very painful feet. I am a... READ MORE

Will Lapband surgery interfere with abdominal tissue breast reconstruction?

I have had a double masectomy, due to complications I cannot have implants. I must have my breasts reconstructed from my abdominal tissue and muscle.... READ MORE

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