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Can a Lap Band Leak?

Can a band leak and cause problems down the road? Would I need another surgery if this happens? READ MORE

Should I be ill after being diagnosed with a band slippage; and how soon after diagnosis should I require treatment? (photo)

I was banded in September 2011 and lost 6 stone. However, approx 6 weeks ago things started to go wrong and I felt pain under left breast post fill.... READ MORE

Lapband Leakage. Can It Be Repaired?

Can a leakage from the balloon be repaired or need a new band. I had my band for only a year and I don't have no restriction. READ MORE

LapBand Revision During Tummy Tuck?

My lap band was placed in Dec of '07, and it never really worked right - I had it confirmed via flouroscopy in '09 that the band itself was... READ MORE

Do I Have to Go Through the Preop Procedures Again if I've Already Had a Lap Band and Now Want Gastric Bypass?

I had lap band surgery three years ago. It never did what it was placed in me to do. I believe there is a leak in the band. The saline was always gone... READ MORE

I have no restriction after 6 years of being banded. Experiencing a little discomfort on left side erosion, dilation, leak, or?

I had lapband surgery 6 years ago I have had 7 ccs in my band with restriction until 2 months ago when I realized I had no restriction. Dr said I only... READ MORE

Possible Lap Band Leak?

So as I am preparing for my mommy makeover next month I wanted to get a fill as I wasn't feeling much restriction I had a fill done 3 weeks ago and it... READ MORE

Can the doctor inject a fluid to my lap band to stop leakage?

I had my lap band port and tube replaced a few months ago because of a leak. When I went to have it filled, the nurse missed the port and stuck me... READ MORE

8 days post op from Lap Band removal. Leaking blood. (photo)

I'm 8 days postop from lap band removal and 2nights ago I woke up in the middle of thenight to find a 3 inch in diameter blood spot on my night shirt.... READ MORE

Can a leaky lapband be repaired?

I had a lapband put in 2004, I lost approx. 165 lbs. In 2012 I had two strokes leaving my vocal cord paralyzed in Las Vegas, NV. I started gaining... READ MORE

Can your lap band create a leak to where it doesn't hold the saline solution?

I have had my lap band since March 2010, I have loved it since then. My last adjustment was in October of 2014, and then suddenly the last 2 month I... READ MORE

Could my 3 year old band have a leak & what may have caused this? I've had many 3 monthly fills to reach any restriction.

Reached max before any restriction then too tight, some out meant no restrict as did putting it back! Content check showed 2ml yellowish fluid. Barium... READ MORE

I am getting a port replacement due to a slow leak somewhere in my lapband.

Will my surgeon give me a fill at the time of surgery and how long after the operation can I return to work? READ MORE

My band is losing fluid and after 2 tests so far the doctor doesn't know why. Any suggestions?

My lap band is losing fluid and I have no restriction. I had an endoscope done and I don't have band erosion, I had a dye injected in the band under... READ MORE

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