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What Are the Symptoms of Pouch Dilatation in Gastric Band Operation?

I've been operated from 10 years and now i'm regainng weight and eating huge portions no matter how much filling i do. I went through... READ MORE

Will I Still Be Hungry After Lap Band Surgery?

I feel like I'm always hungry and that's why I'm overweight. I don't eat bad foods, just a lot of food. Will a Lap Band help? READ MORE

Do I have a slipped band? (photo)

I have pain in my upper right shoulder by my neck throat area when I get a stuck issue, what does this mean, is it gas? Also I think I have a slip but... READ MORE

I got my lap band in 2010. Lately I been having severe pain when eating or touching the area where its located.

I have contacted several doctors and nobody will see me because they didnt install the Lapband.. The original surgeon no longer lives in the USA. What... READ MORE

Lap Band surgery in Mexico and vomiting for years. 5 yrs later I had liquid removed. I can't eat most things, what should I do?

I cant still eat breads meat most things I eat and live on chocolate I still hurt when I eat I just cant thtow up as easy as I used to. I had a docyor... READ MORE

Do need a fill or could it be a slippage? I can eat more than usual. I can even eat bread.

I have no signs of a slippage except that I can eat more than usual. I can even eat bread. I'm just worried about maybe having a slippage since I can... READ MORE

is there something wrong with my gastric band?

Ive lost 7 stone (98 lbs) with my gastric band and still have a further 5 stone (70 lbs) to lose. however, i ve went from eating very little to full... READ MORE

Is my lap band functioning correctly after 1 week?

I have eaten nothing other than maybe an half an ounce of jello in the week since ive had my surgery and cannot hold water or juice down. the smallest... READ MORE

I have had thoracic right sided pressure and discomfort, I am 4-5 years post op?

4 years post op lap band lost 85 lbs. last fill seemed little full, dr moved and have not fu with anyone for year. Having upper right side pressure... READ MORE

Can the lap band actually come undone? I have no abdominal pain but have noticed a little heart burn again after than 2 months.

I had my surgery in May of 2008, other than the initial fill I have never had it filled again. I have a lazy digestive system which means that it... READ MORE

I had the lap band removed but I still have problems eating. Any suggestions?

Its like it was never removed. Is it possible the small opening is now permanent? READ MORE

Can I have lap band surgery?

I was 57 4 years ago then went to 95 in pregnancy its been 2 years and im 80 now and depressed and can not control my eating. I can not exercise i... READ MORE

Why Am I Having Pain After my Fourth Fill when I Eat? (Lap Band in March)

I got a fill of 1.75 cc yesterday and I was already at 9cc. When I am eatting it hurts when the food goes down. Not the pain from not chewing good... READ MORE

7 Years Out From Gastric Band, Recently the Thought of Food is Nauseating and I Throw Up After Meals?

I am 7 years out from surgery. Recently, I have been nauseated at the thought of food and get relief when I throw up after meals. There is a clump of... READ MORE

Constant feeling of the need to throw up. Any suggestions?

I had my surgery 6 years ago, and the last 2-3 months I have more days I can't eat than days that I can. I can get about 6-10 bites in. I am eating... READ MORE

Could my lap band have slipped?

I have a lap band and when I eat I take a few mouthfuls and get the normal 'stuck' sensation, I then have a sip of water (I know I shouldn't be... READ MORE

I have a gastric band and I have had 2 fills but feel hungry all the time

I had a gastric band fitted in febuary last year and I found out I was pregnant not long after so I never had it filled, after having my baby exactly... READ MORE

How often is has there been cases of lap band erosion?

I saw videos that the lap band was causing erosion around the stomach years after surgery (10-12 years). The band even eating its way through the stomach. READ MORE

Lap Band removed 2 weeks ago. Having pain on left shoulder when I eat and take a deep breath.

I've been on a soft diet ( still am) and my left shoulder is in pain when I eat or breathe deeply, my left incision also hurts a bit when I eat. I... READ MORE

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