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Will Lap Band Removal Always Result in Weight Gain?

I've been banded for six years and in that time have reached my goal weight (115 lbs loss). I can easily attribute half to the band and half to the... READ MORE

Hiatal Hernia with a Lap Band?

I've been banded for 6 years and in the past week I've had increasingly bad reflux, particularly at night (totally unusual for me). I have a feeling... READ MORE

Has my band slipped and if so what can be done as I don't want it removed?

I got a band fitted 6 years ago with only 2 fills done since but now I'm eating a lot more , but also have this consistent night cough and if I eat a... READ MORE

Can my Lap Band Slip Up Due to Increased Gas Pushing my Stomach Up?

I have had my lap band for 6 yrs and had no problems until now. The last three days I have not been able to eat anything except a little water and... READ MORE

I'm having major physiological and physical issues! What should I do about the pain I'm suffering 6 years after lap band?

Problems 6 years after lapband placed. I'm throwing up 10-20 times a day. Sometimes can't even keep spit down. I have to stand to eat and stand pretty... READ MORE

I have no restriction after 6 years of being banded. Experiencing a little discomfort on left side erosion, dilation, leak, or?

I had lapband surgery 6 years ago I have had 7 ccs in my band with restriction until 2 months ago when I realized I had no restriction. Dr said I only... READ MORE

Does lapband erosion hurt?

As i stated before i have my lapband for 6yrs n I love it until 2 mos. Ago when my restriction went away. I went to Dr I was supposed to have 7ccs in... READ MORE

Could this be a slipped band?

I have had the band for 6 years and for the past 3 days I thought I had the flu. I cannot even drink water without feeling sick and full. READ MORE

Who are the most qualified and expert surgeons for lap band revision surgery? What is the best surgery for cases like me?

I have been banded 6 years ago , then I removed it 4 years ago because the Band caused me a lot of health issues , and now I'm ready to have another... READ MORE

Can You Remove Just the Port of the Lap-Band?

I had a lap-band placed about 6 years ago, but I struggled with getting the right amount of restriction and eventually had all the fluid removed,... READ MORE

Lack of restriction following gastric band fill. I have 7 in a 10cc band

I've had my band since '08 & have done well with my weight loss. The maximum fluid that I've had in my band comfortably is 7.75 I have been at 8... READ MORE

Constant feeling of the need to throw up. Any suggestions?

I had my surgery 6 years ago, and the last 2-3 months I have more days I can't eat than days that I can. I can get about 6-10 bites in. I am eating... READ MORE

Bloating and gas after an unfill from my lapband 3 days ago due to the enlargement of my pouch?

Hi I have had a lapband surgery 6 years ago. I was told several months ago that I had a pouch dialation. This caused night time refux. I went in to... READ MORE

When you have a slipped band is it ok to stay on just liquids until they can get you back into the OR?

I am 6 years post op and have suspected a slip for over a year. Within the last 3 days the pain in the shoulder has been getting worse and returned o... READ MORE

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