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My Sister Had Lapband Surgery About 5 Years Ago and Has Pretty Much Been Vomiting at Almost Every Meal She Eats Since Then?

She refuses to go back to her doctor or do anything about this. She has not lost any weight, and says" think how big i would be if I didn't have it".... READ MORE

I got my lap band in 2010. Lately I been having severe pain when eating or touching the area where its located.

I have contacted several doctors and nobody will see me because they didnt install the Lapband.. The original surgeon no longer lives in the USA. What... READ MORE

I Had my Lapband 5 Years Ago. I Lost 150 Lbs. Fairly Quickly. It Stopped and I Have 150 to Go. What Should I Do? I'm Gaining Now

Surgeon left field and no one will touch me in Atlanta. Endocrinologist says I should have it removed so I can eat healthier proteins. Now I can eat... READ MORE

Has my Lapband Slipped?

I have had my lapband for over 5 years. I basically have vomited up phlegm after about 6 weeks post surgery. I have talked with my surgeon and he... READ MORE

Lap Band surgery in Mexico and vomiting for years. 5 yrs later I had liquid removed. I can't eat most things, what should I do?

I cant still eat breads meat most things I eat and live on chocolate I still hurt when I eat I just cant thtow up as easy as I used to. I had a docyor... READ MORE

Lap Band not working after almost 5 successful years.

Maintained weight of 140 or 4 1/2 years. Suddenly lost any feeling of restriction. Surgeon ordered xray, found the pouch was not larger , but chalk... READ MORE

How can I keep from vomiting up certain foods after having a lap band procedure done in January 2011?

I can't tolerate certain foods such as bread, chicken, turkey, watermelon and many other foods. I eat slowly, chew thoroughly, and don't eat a whole... READ MORE

I have had thoracic right sided pressure and discomfort, I am 4-5 years post op?

4 years post op lap band lost 85 lbs. last fill seemed little full, dr moved and have not fu with anyone for year. Having upper right side pressure... READ MORE

Pain at Lap Band Port?

I had the lap band put in 5 years ago. I failed myself big time, I gained all the weight back and some. Lately I've been experiencing pain near the... READ MORE

Belching after lap band? Is this a sign of something going wrong?

I have had a lapband for 5yrs, for the last year I belch almost continually, after drinking eating even taking my vitamin tablets, is quite... READ MORE

Mild pain in centre of back after lap band surgery. What could it be?

Pain in the middle of my back, woke with this 3 days ago and is more noticeable after eating. I have had the lapband for about 5yrs. I suffer reflux... READ MORE

I've been coughing and vomiting on a daily basis. I now have fluid in my stomach. Could this be a complication of the lap band?

I had my lap band surgery in 2012. The last few months I have been coughing and vomiting on a daily basis. I went to the hospital and they drained 4... READ MORE

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