Yeast + Labiaplasty

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Will Labiaplasty Help with Reoccurring Yeast Infections?

I am a healthy female been tested for hormones, diabetes, you name it I've been tested for it to see why I keep getting yeast infections. I eat... READ MORE

I have reoccurring yeast infections. Could my long labia be a possible cause? Am I a candidate for a Labiaplasty?

I'm only 18 and this makes me really uncomfortable with my body. The yeast infections are nearly here 24/7 365 days a year. Someone's when sitting my... READ MORE

Will Insurance Cover Labiaplasty Causing Frequent Yeast and Bacterial Infections?

I am 25 and a very clean person. My labia are enlarged, especially on one side. Sometimes sex and tight jeans are uncomfortable, but more bothersome... READ MORE

Labiaplasty 4 weeks out - should it look like this? (photo)

I had labia minor reduction surgery on both sides 4 weeks ago and have had major complications, a UTI and 2 yeast infections (I've visited my surgeon... READ MORE

I have brown discharge 5 days after labiaplasty. Is this normal? (photos)

Had wedge labiaplasty on Friday. Took anti-yeast pills before during and after, been on anti-biotics. There is still significant swelling and I had... READ MORE

Is this a yeast infection after Labiaplasty? (photos)

Hi! I got laser Labiaplasty 1 week ago and haven't had any pain since day 3. I've finished my antibiotics yesterday (day 6), and noticed on day 4 a... READ MORE

Is my vulva causing me to get yeast infections and can labiaplasty fix it?

I get pretty chronic yeast infections. I am very hygienic; but my labia majora is long and I have to spread my legs as far apart as they can go to get... READ MORE

What are these gray/beige spots after labiaplasty? (Photo)

18.days after labiaplasty i have this grey- beige spots in the inside, is this yeast infection? Can be related to HPV? Thank you READ MORE

Would my labiaplasty be covered or partially covered by insurance? (photos)

I'm 26 and do not have any kids. I've had recurrent infections ... Yeast and utis ever since puberty. Before that I remember having external... READ MORE

Is my vagina normal? Worried (Photo)

I am 18, have been sexually active for 3 years now & have had 2 yeast infections. I'm wondering if my vagina looks normal because of the big thick... READ MORE

Labiaplasty, it's been a week, can't walk and in intense pain, worried. (photo)

It feels like two blisters rubbing together everytime I walk, it's very uncomfortable. I'm afraid that beside my clitoris that it has split, and I was... READ MORE

I have an over generous labia, much discomfort, limited funds. What are my options?

Hello. my overgenerous labia is the cause of a perennial yeast infection, and discomfort with clothing, sitting, biking, etc.. does any doctor out... READ MORE

I have a yeast infection during labiaplasty recovery, and my surgeon's office is closed. What should I do?

It's been exactly a week since I got labiaplasty. Yesterday Saturday I started to have bad smell and white discharge. I got a yeast infection. It's a... READ MORE

Problems post labiaplasty. Any advice?

I'm 2 yrs post wedge labiaplasty & have been having issues, specifically with the vaginal entrance. I feel like too much skin has been taken off.... READ MORE

5 days after labiaplasty and I've pulled a stitch out. Can anything be done?

5 days after my labiaplasty and I've pulled loose one stitch at the bottom of my labia. Is there anything that can be done at this point? Also I'm... READ MORE

Yeast infection or irritated skin? 3 weeks post Labiaplasty. (photo)

I had labiaplasty three weeks ago and a couple of days ago I noticed a sort of rash near my vulva. It doesn't itch, it doesn't smell and I don't have... READ MORE

Yeast infection 8 weeks after labiaplasty? (Photo)

My boyfriend and I had unprotected sex and he inserted a finger in my anus and back into my vagina. I have had white discharge and now white bumps... READ MORE

Labiaplasty payment plan?

I'm looking into getting labiaplasty after having a child 3 years ago. My left labia is torn in half and both sides of my labia have holes that you... READ MORE

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