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Trim labiaplasty, stitches split, wound separation!

I'm 8 days post opt and left side as split open and is healing like that, if I choose to not get it revised after it heals will I still be able to... READ MORE

Labia reduction and clitoral hood lift done and now open wounds (photos)

Day 1 everything went well after my labiareduction and clitoralhoodlift. Day 5 the swelling went to my labia majora and the stitches broke. Now i have... READ MORE

Will my labiaplasty wound separation fill in? (Photo)

I had a labiaplasty 3 weeks ago and I developed wound separations in several locations. I try not to disturb them, but today I noticed that one I... READ MORE

Will separated wound edges heal together? Add more suture? (photos)

I am a health care provider who had wedge labiaplasty 1week ago. The surgeon used a 3 layer closure with 4-0 vicryl. I waited to shower 2 days. I have... READ MORE

Is this the first sign of wound dehiscence post-labiaplasty? (photo)

I'm 8 days post op on a labiaplasty procedure and i noticed all of my bleeding has gone except where my surgeon pieced the two pieces of labia back... READ MORE

Is this a severe wound separation after labiaplasty? (Photo)

I received labiaplasty 2 weeks ago and saw my surgeon today and he said he will probably have to restitch the labia that is separated in about 3... READ MORE

Labiaplasty wound seperation? (Photo)

I've had many surgeries in my day and let me tell you - labiaplasty recovery has been a nightmare. I'm now 15 days post op. Not only am I still SUPER... READ MORE

After labiaplasty, do I have minor or severe wound separations? I'm 5 weeks post op (Photo)

I am near 5 weeks post op. Labiaplasty done December 3rd 2015. Today is January 3rd. At first I was only worried about the clitoral swelling but it's... READ MORE

Had labiaplasty, wound complication?

Had labiaplasty c/b bleeding followed by wound dehiscence. the biggest problem now is anterior labial non healing edge (notched appearance) after... READ MORE

Almost 8 weeks post labiaplasty, wound separation? (Photo)

I had wedge method labiaplasty 8 weeks ago. It was healing well and happy with results. At 6 weeks I noticed part of the stitching line had a small... READ MORE

Is this wound dehiscence? (Photo)

I am 17 days post op. Around day 12, a huge scab that had formed on the left labia fell off, and for the next few days, I only noticed the tiniest... READ MORE

Follow-Up Question: Labiaplasty - 5 weeks post-op - will I need reconstructive surgery? (photos)

Wound breakdown (totally open on right side - still healing). Doc treated the site 2x w/ silver nitrate. Hard scar tissue forming. Regarding my... READ MORE

Laser Labiaplasty post op wound burning when peeing.

I am 10 days post op, I had laser labiaplasty it was then glued up with very minimal stitching. Most of the glue had come off now and the skin is new... READ MORE

Labiaplasty wound separations 26 days post op (Photo)

I'm 26 days post op (trim method) and have wound separations on both sides. My Doctor says everything looks ok and the separations should heal. I also... READ MORE

Seems that wound is improving in past 48 hours; no bleeding, How long before wound closes completely? (Photo)

Burning sensation still present and sharp at times, no signs of blood or discharge. I have been elevating my legs and pelvic for most of the day and... READ MORE

Any suggestions on deep separation? (photos)

It's been like this for about 5 to 7 days now and doesn't look to be getting better. It isn't like my previous separation. It's very large and deep.... READ MORE

1 month and wound separation remains open, do I need to worry?

I had a labiaplasty 30 days ago and I developed wound separation along the inside of the right side of my clitoral hood. When I stand or sit, the... READ MORE

Labiaplasty mystery wound that is not healing well 14 days post op, deep, black, yellow, painful (Photo)

I had a laser trim labiaplasty 14 days ago and the incisions are healing well, but one side has a wound from near the clitoris over to one incision... READ MORE

Labiaplasty wound separation - what to do? (Photo)

Hi I had labiaplasty wedge procedure 2 weeks ago. Unfortunately wound on the right side split apart and I got infection. I was re-stichted after one... READ MORE

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