Wedge + Labiaplasty

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Labioplasty with Wedge Method. Hard Tightening and Swelling? (photo)

5 month ago I had labioplasty with wedge metod and z scars on inferior portion of the vulva,I suffered hard thightening especially on the left side... READ MORE

Labiaplasty Scar Permanent?

Hello, I am currently 5 weeks post op. I am satisfied with the overall shape, but there is a color difference between my labia and the area of the... READ MORE

Wedge Labiaplasty Stitches Burst, Open Wound- Will It Heal?

I had wedge Labiaplasty 14 days ago, stitches on inside of right labia burst on day 12 and stitches on outside of same labia still intact but wound... READ MORE

2 weeks post wedge Labiaplasty. Will this hole in my Labia close and heal by itself? (Photo)

Noticed a few days ago. The wound is not very painful and is not weeping or bleeding. All has healed fantastically besides my one inner labia minora... READ MORE

Labia seem large and bulky after wedge technique. Should I be disappointed? (Photo)

I had the wedge labiaplasty 3 weeks ago. I am disappointed to see so much skin. I feel as if the surgeon 'rearranged' the labia not reduced them. I... READ MORE

I have a hole in my wedge labia suture line? Can this be fixed 2 weeks post OP?? (photos)

I had a wedge labiaplasty 2 weeks ago- I've had issues with sutures falling out, and had to go in a week ago to add a couple to the inside mucosa side... READ MORE

I just had the wedge Labiaplasty 4 days ago. Does this look normal? (photos)

The left side looks weird, like the part from the inside is turning outward... If I open it up the sutures do not look even with the otherside... I... READ MORE

Do these stitches in my wedge labiaplasty look like they are falling out? (Photo)

Do these look like they are falling out? Can they be fixed now or will I havecto wait? READ MORE

Wedge labiaplasty separated on both sides. Can a second revision labiaplasty be done?

I had a wedge method labiaplasty and it seperated on both sides, one side completely in half. The surgeon tried to restitch it but is failed so I had... READ MORE

Any suggestions on the size, shape and color shade? (photos)

What kind of shape will you get with the curvilinear- or linear reduction or a wedge resection? My labia minora and clitoris expands after I... READ MORE

Please help me! Labiaplasty wedge resection revision surgery gone horribly wrong! How can I save my labia? (photo)

Age 20. 1st wedge resection in Cape Town on 02/06/2015. Failed:left labia had slightly open wedge,right labia was stretched,tissue didnt... READ MORE

2 open wounds 6 days after wedge labiaplasty. What to do to stop bleeding and help it heal quickly? (Photo)

I appear to have Wound Separation on both sides of my labia. I have a few open wounds with no stitching and it continues to bleed all day/night and... READ MORE

Labiaplasty day 6. Is this even remotely normal and will it resolve on its own? (photo)

A week ago I had a "wedge" labiaplasty along with a vaginoplasty. I have looked at numerous post-op pictures and I cannot find anything like this.... READ MORE

I had a wedge labiaplasty done 9 weeks ago and I have some holes. Can I still have sex with my partner? (photos)

I had a wedge labiaplasty procedure 9 weeks ago and I have about two small holes on my left side in the middle of the labia and one large hole on the... READ MORE

Opening in labia post wedge Labiaplasty. Is it permanent? (Photo)

Hello. I noticed a hole in my one labia, on the inner side about a week after having wedge labiaplasty. I was told it will likely heal up. I am now... READ MORE

What type of labiaplasty revision would help me or is this not fixable? (Photos)

Wedge labiaplasty has not worked for me, I don't understand the specifics and thought I had made the right choice BUT my vagina now feels like it is... READ MORE

Labiaplasty problems: sutures (photos)

5 weeks post wedge labiaplasty. Sutures poking out v painful - surgeon says leave them alone they will dissolve with time (yeah ok when they have... READ MORE

Will my left labia look normal? (Photo)

I had labiaplasty on Monday the 17th! To my understanding she did a trim on the right Labia and a wedge on the left! The top of my labia and hood... READ MORE

Wedge or trim? (Photos)

Which would suit my anatomy best- wedge or trim labiaplasty? READ MORE

What can I do about my labiaplasty concerns?

I had labiaplasty performed a month. The doctor performed the wedge method. It seems each side of the wedge on my left healed separately so once the... READ MORE

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