Torn + Labiaplasty

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My Labia Minora Tore Below my Clitoral Area and Its Lightly Bleeding Compared to Two Days Ago?

During intercourse he was a little rough and when he pulled out it tore my labia minora and it bled extremely badly that night. a day later it seems... READ MORE

Torn inner labia from child birth. Can this be mended?

My inner labia has torn on the left hand side during childbirth, I'm 6weeks post natal and the midwife said stitches have dissolved and fully healed,... READ MORE

Torn Labia Minora?

After giving birth, I checked myself in the mirror when I got home and discovered what looks like a small penis sticking out. Apparently, no one... READ MORE

Surgical Options for Torn Hood Piercing?

My piercing tore completely through my clitoral hood. There is no nerve damage but skin folds remain from the tear and tugging of the jewelry. Am I a... READ MORE

My cloritis was stitched to the skin on my left side, is that normal? Will it be torn during sex? (Photo)

Im one month after labiaplasty and on right side clues of stitches are pulling on some spots and on left side is stitched together and hood is not... READ MORE

How Much Would it Cost to Stitch my Vaginal Opening?

I don't want to tighten, i just want the vaginal opening to be stitched a bit. I got torn and it never quite healed, how much would that cost? READ MORE

Labiaplasty done with wedge method. Not sure if it's splitting?! (photos)

One side of the labia seems to be healing with no complication and swelling is pretty much insignificant now at my 8th day of surgery. The other labia... READ MORE

9 days post op Labiaplasty, left labia minora completely tore at suture line. Any suggestions? (photo)

I called my PS and she said keep up wits bacatracin and use ointments with lidocaine. I can't go in for a follow up until 5 days from now. Pain is... READ MORE

I have torn labia after child birth. How much would a simple stitch up cost?

I gave birth to my child 7 yrs ago & I was torn around the labia, not sure if it was natural or episiotomy. they stitched me up but my dh was going to... READ MORE

The structure of my vagina looks completely different. Is something wrong with it? (Photo)

Maybe I've never examined myself very closely, but my vagina appears to have skin growths now. Is this possibly skin tags? I gave birth to my son... READ MORE

Torn labia for 13 years. Is it too late to repair? (Photo)

My labia has a tear in it. It's been like this for 13 yrs. after my son. I had no stitches but think I should have. I hate partners seeing it !!... READ MORE

I'm 44. After childbirth at 19 yrs old I suffered w a torn labia and it's extremely discomforting to walk wear pants (Photo)

I have no insurance but I willing to pay to have it done. But would like to see if there is some type of funding assistance that can me pay for it. READ MORE

Torn clitoris?

I am not sure if it is my clitoris but it seems really bad and the color down there got dark. When this happened i had a stinging sensation and i... READ MORE

I completely dislike my labia now. What needs to be done?

I completely dislike my labia now, it tore and is now split, what can be done to make it look as natural as possible, I'm scared to get a lumpy labia... READ MORE

Torn inner labia after child birth (5 weeks ago). Can it be fixed?

I gave birth 5weeks ago and had a torn inner labia, very uncomfortable and very self conscious and upset about it, gets me down. It rubs on clothes... READ MORE

Torn labia after childbirth. Any suggestions?

Hello, I had my baby in Feb and she came out with her hand by her face. I got perineal tearing (2deg) and a big labia tear. The stitches came loose... READ MORE

2nd healing problem - what should I do about the ruptured suture. (photos)

I posted the torn lower part of the left labia before but today I could check the sides. My surgeon is on vacation. I study medicine myself but that... READ MORE

Torn labia minora during child birth?

My inner labia tore while giving birth, and they stitched it up but ive noticed my stitches go completely through my labia as if the stitches were... READ MORE

I had a labiaplasty yesterday (wedge technique). There is blood coming from the left side and it looks torn to me (Photo)

So my questions are 1) does it look torn? 2) is it normal that it's bleeding from just that one spot? 3) how does the healing look? READ MORE

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