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How Long Do I Have to Wait Before Labiaplasty Revision Surgery? (photo)

I had a labiaplasty done 4 weeks ago. I'm really displeased with the results to say the least (not enough of tissue was removed over all, the labia on... READ MORE

Labiaplasty After Accutane?

I have a rather embarrassing question that I'm too hesitant to ask my Dermatologist. I am currently on Roaccuatane and would like to know, once I... READ MORE

Physical activity after labiaplasty procedure. How long should I wait?

It has been a little bit over a month since my labiaplasty procedure, most of the swelling is gone. Stitches lines are smoothing and reducing over... READ MORE

Open wound - labia separation. (photos)

First of All im sorry for my broken English. Ive had Labiaplasty 12Days ago.In 4days stiches were dissolved and labia separated. My doctor sayd to... READ MORE

What is the time frame for labiaplasty?

I would like to schedule a labiaplasty for early April. When is the best text to schedule the consultation? Or am I already too late? How much time is... READ MORE

How long should I wait for my labiaplasty revision?

It has been a little over 3 month since my labiaplasty procedure. I am very satisfied with my final results. I underwent trim method. I had asymmetry... READ MORE

Labiaplasty and BBL- labiaplasty in April, BBL in June. Is that enough time to recover for my BBL?

Hello drs! I booked my bbl already for June 9th...I asked my dr if I could do a labiaplasty at the same time and he said no due to infections I guess.... READ MORE

What is suggested to fix this? Labiaplasty failed (restitched once and failed as well). (photo)

I had the inferior wedge done and it failed, then restitching - also failed 5 weeks ago. I am still vey sore and tender (very depressed - I want to at... READ MORE

piercings after labiaplasty

I'm having a labiaplasty this month, and I want my rook pierced.. how long do I have to wait to get a piercing after my labiaplasty? I want to pierce... READ MORE

Is 8 weeks rest long enough after labiaplasty? (photo)

I'm booked to have my labia minora reduced by 30-40% in October. My clitoris hood is being left untouched as I'm happy with the size. I'm a part-time... READ MORE

Labiaplasty a week after coolsculpting?

I am scheduled to have labiaplasty in 8 days and today I had coolsculpting on my inner thighs. There shouldn't be any problems with having surgery so... READ MORE

How soon after Labiaplasty can I get a BBL?

I am looking to have Labiaplasty Jan 15th and BBL February 14th. READ MORE

How long after labiaplasty can I do MonaLisa laser?

How long after labia majora reduction do you have to wait to do Mona Lisa laser rejuvenation? READ MORE

Labiaplasty and having another child

Hi My question is.... after a labiaplasty how soon after can I have a baby is there any risks with becoming pregnant soon after I'm healed and back to... READ MORE

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