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Labioplasty with Wedge Method. Hard Tightening and Swelling? (photo)

5 month ago I had labioplasty with wedge metod and z scars on inferior portion of the vulva,I suffered hard thightening especially on the left side... READ MORE

Are Vaginal Creams Touted to Tighten the Vagina a Hoax?

I am considering Vaginal rejuvenation surgery, but a friend told me about a vaginal cream that supposedly tightens the area at least temporarily. READ MORE

I Want my Vagina Tightened. Inside to Opening. No Reconstruction of Outside Lips. Is LVR It?

I have had 5 abortions, 1 c-section. I am obese. I have been sexually abused for years with large apparatus. Want a virgin tight vagina, entrance to... READ MORE

What is the best way to clean around the clitoris and inner lips post labiaplasty and vaginal tightening?

I was told just to use water, only I am not feeling very clean down there . I am 10 days post op . My area around the clitoris looks like it needs a... READ MORE

Does my vagina look normal? Do I need some type of tightening? (Photo)

Is it normal to be able to see so much of your insides when you labia parts are spread open? Or do I need some type of tightening ? I just feel like... READ MORE

Labiaplasty and tightening of vagina opening

Is it possible to also get my vagina opening tightened will I get labiaplasty surgery done? If so around how much would it cost?? READ MORE

I have had labiaplasty and vaginal tightening done 2 weeks ago today. What happens if I was to have sex?

My partner doesn't know I had this done as its my own personal reason, he's never directly seen my vagina so I want to keep it to myself . However I... READ MORE

3 weeks post op of vaginal tightening and Labiaplasty, is it safe to stick your baby finger in to monitor the stitching inside?

I am now 3 weeks post op from my 2 procedures Labiaplasty and Vaginal thightening. My stitches on the outside have disolved. Howeve I don't know how... READ MORE

Are the bumps I have normal? What are they? And will the skin from where I had a hematoma tighten back up to normal? (photo)

I had Labiaplasty surgery on the 17th of December. I had the trimming method done but was not able to be numbed due to having a hematoma. The swelling... READ MORE

What would be needed to fix this appearance? (Photo)

I have always been unhappy with the appearance and would like a more 'tight' look if possible. Can this be achieved? READ MORE

I want to get Labiaplasty and vaginoplasty. Suggestions please, am I good candidate? (photos)

I have a larger labia minora and clitoris and clitoral hood. I would also like to be tighter. I'm in my early 20s and have never had a child but I've... READ MORE

I had labia reduction and vaginal tightening surgery 7 days ago; I have this bubble that is causing massive discomfort? (Photo)

I have asked my surgeons advice ( he is a 2hr flight away ) and have been told the pressure has caused this and I need do use hot compresses to bring... READ MORE

I got a tummy tuck, afterward I noticed my mons area was pulled up (my PS also lipo my mons). Now I have hanging labia. (photo)

My question is would I be a good Candidate for labiaplasty? Before my TT I really had no visible lip, now my mons area is pulled higher and tight, I... READ MORE

Will Tightening of the Vagina in Any Way Help with Weakened Pelvic Floor Muscles?

I had a spinal chord tumor as a teenager which resulted in some nerve damage. I have had several bladder surgeries and have also had some prolapse. I... READ MORE

Labia Minora.

I recently went to a plastic surgeon about my labia minora, and she recommended instead of labiaplasty a tightening laser or remedy but I am yet to... READ MORE

Random Sharp Pain and Itching - I'm 10 days post op - normal? (photos)

Time to time I get sharp pain out of nowhere. It's hard for me to sit because I still feel pain. I'm very cautious of moving around and still feel the... READ MORE

Will I need to be re stitched and will this affect the tightening procedure I had done? (photos)

I had labiaplasty and vaginoplasty done 4 weeks ago I developed a big lump that just would not go away even doing everything advised.My surgeon is a... READ MORE

Had my Labiaplasty yesterday. Wants to know if it should look like this? Also had Mona Lisa with skin tightening. (photos)

Had the trim and just wants to know if it will look uneven when healed? The hood also looks very big and will the gap close up afterwards? Thanks READ MORE

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