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Split Labia Minora. Will it Regenerate or Should I Get Surgery?

After the birth of my child, I had to get my placenta manually removed. My labia minora (just one side) split in half so now there is 2 on one side.... READ MORE

5 days post op of Labiaplasty, I'm extremely sore and sutures looks like they have split. Is this normal? (photo)

I am 23 and recently underwent labiaplasty in Toronto on Monday May 12 and not sure if it was the best idea now. I have always been uncomfortable with... READ MORE

Trim labiaplasty, stitches split, wound separation!

I'm 8 days post opt and left side as split open and is healing like that, if I choose to not get it revised after it heals will I still be able to... READ MORE

Split stitches, 10 weeks post op, trim method. Do I need revision? Hurts when attempting sexual intercourse. (photos)

Week 2 a stitch or two came undone nearest the vagina, but it wasn't too noticeable. At week 5 I attempted sex and it was painful, and now where the... READ MORE

1 month post op Labiaplasty, I have a split where stitches have come apart. Is this normal? (photos)

I had a labia last month, it's healing well, but there is a split in my left labia.Im very annoyed and upset and depressed. I tried to email my... READ MORE

What are my chances of sutures re-opening? (Photo)

Almost two weeks after my wedge method labiaplasty, the left side split open. I got it re-stitched and two days later it came apart again even being... READ MORE

Is my left labia splitting open? (Photo)

Hi, I'm now 11 days post op I been itching like crazy to the point I wanna cry ! So I took a mirror down there to see if all was looking ok down there... READ MORE

Labiaplasty done with wedge method. Not sure if it's splitting?! (photos)

One side of the labia seems to be healing with no complication and swelling is pretty much insignificant now at my 8th day of surgery. The other labia... READ MORE

Hood splitting from labia - will this heal? 6 weeks post op. (photos)

Hi, I have noticed that at the bottom of the hood, it has a slit so detached from the labia? I'm very concerned now and wondered if this would heal?... READ MORE

Right labia minora split in two, should I get surgery?

I recently noticed that I have two right labia minora's - I've always had the normal one minora on the left and the one minora on the right. My... READ MORE

Will my incision line heal like the other side? (photos)

I'm 7wpo trim technique. 2 weeks post I had a tiny split, I was reviewed by surgeon and all is ok. However that side there is a much wider scar, where... READ MORE

Torn labia minora from childbirth. What can I do?

I just had my 2nd child and he's delivery was fast and so I tore. So my doctor stiched up my labia minora. When my stiches dissolved my labia minora... READ MORE

Am I healing normal or is this a botched labiaplasty? What can I do to heal better? Can someone please help? (photo)

Just had labiaplasty 12 days ago. Not only am I still quite sore & raw but left side is a weird color, there are some bumps & a small split on the... READ MORE

Suture has split! Not painful. Any suggestions ? (photos)

From the pictures you can see were the suture has split, this is only after 5days post op! Should I be worried about that?? Some look to be dissolving... READ MORE

Scarring from Labiaplasty & sore over a year later. Any suggestions?

When ever I have sex the the incision lines of my labiaplasty seem to split a little and I get very swollen and very sore for a few days after. I had... READ MORE

Should I see a surgeon/doctor about my split labia minora or just leave it as it is?

Im very worried as my right labia minora is actually split into two parts i have only ust noticed this and i dont know if i should contact my doctor... READ MORE

I completely dislike my labia now. What needs to be done?

I completely dislike my labia now, it tore and is now split, what can be done to make it look as natural as possible, I'm scared to get a lumpy labia... READ MORE

Is there a split in my labiaplasty 6 days post op? (photos)

I had a labiaplasty 6 days ago and I'm not in pain and only slight discomfort, around 2 days post op there was a blood bubble attached around the... READ MORE

Labiaplasty incision split. Should I be concerned?

I had a labiaplasty via the trimming method 4 days ago. It was done by my gyno with a local anesthetic. The healing seemed to be going well, and 3... READ MORE

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