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My vagina doesn't look normal is there loose skin? (photo)

My lady area seems to look not normal as I'm scarred to have sex as I get uncomfortable on what they may say this may just be me? I would like to no... READ MORE

Something's sticking out of my vagina I need help! (photo)

This i know for a fact hasn't always been this way. I do have a child if that helps. I had my son years ago. I am 25 years old. I need to know what's... READ MORE

My Labia Minora Tore Below my Clitoral Area and Its Lightly Bleeding Compared to Two Days Ago?

During intercourse he was a little rough and when he pulled out it tore my labia minora and it bled extremely badly that night. a day later it seems... READ MORE

Sexual Activity After Labiaplasty?

What happens if you engage in sexual activity before the recommended six weeks after having had labiaplasty? Is it a dangerous risk to take? READ MORE

Are these tissue formations around my vaginal opening normal? (photo)

After unprotected rough sex without enough lubrication (consensual) , it took me 2-3 days to recover from the friction burn & lacerations to my inner... READ MORE

Sex After Labiaplasty?

I am now 7 weeks after my labiaplasty and everything is healing well, I just had sex for the first time after the operation and i had some pain and... READ MORE

Which Labiaplasty Method Will Preserve Sensation the Best?

I'm considering get labiaplasty to correct my overly large labia minora. I'm not so concerned with getting rid of the pigmented skin but... READ MORE

Do I Need Labiaplasty to Ever Have Good Sex Again?

My labia minora is torne in the middle but still connected to both sides if that makes since (i dont think i was sone up right after giving birth) sex... READ MORE

When Can Intercourse Be Done After Labiaplasty?

I have an appointment for labiaplasty next week. The doctor suggests waiting 2 weeks until having intercourse but all the websites say 6-8 weeks. Does... READ MORE

Split stitches, 10 weeks post op, trim method. Do I need revision? Hurts when attempting sexual intercourse. (photos)

Week 2 a stitch or two came undone nearest the vagina, but it wasn't too noticeable. At week 5 I attempted sex and it was painful, and now where the... READ MORE

3 Months After Labiaplasty, I Still Have Pain After Sex?

3 months after my OP, and I still have pain after sex (not during sex), after rough sex there is always pain and the left side gets swelling. Dr told... READ MORE

Is there any way to make inner labia smaller without surgery? (photo)

The appearance of my vagina gets in the way of me having an enjoyable sex life. How much does labiaplasty cost on average? I'm disgusted with myself. READ MORE

2 Weeks Post Labial Reduction - Can I Stimulate my Clitoris?

I can't go any longer! is this safe as long as i stay away from the stitches? READ MORE

My cloritis was stitched to the skin on my left side, is that normal? Will it be torn during sex? (Photo)

Im one month after labiaplasty and on right side clues of stitches are pulling on some spots and on left side is stitched together and hood is not... READ MORE

How to Repair a Cut Inside the Labia Through Rough Sex?

I have been struggleing with this since I was 18, I had uk.nhs.treatment to try fix it but ot made it worse, eveytime I have sex this internal cut... READ MORE

Non symmetrical inner labia - to operate or not? I am 35 and mother of 2 naturally born children. (photos)

I am 35 and mother of 2 naturally born children. Since my late teens I have always had one inner labia longer than the other. During sexual... READ MORE

Is my labia minora abnormal? Do I have a disease? (photos)

I've had sex and masterbated a lot. My labia minora seems to appear very long. It may be assymetrical though, as it is wrinkled at the ends as well as... READ MORE

I would like to have labiaplasty because my excess labia are very uncomfortable. (photos)

This causes much discomfort during sex and during regular activities as I feel it gets pinched between my clothing. I also find I must take extra care... READ MORE

Labiaplasty before or after childbirth and cost? (photos)

I haven't had any children yet, but I'm considering this before I decide when to get labiaplasty done. I've heard childbirth stretches the labia... READ MORE

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