Sensation Loss + Labiaplasty

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What Are the Benefits/Risks Of Injecting Fat into Labia Majora?

I recently saw one of your BBL patients who had 100 cc injected into her labia majora. IT LOOKS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! What are the benefits of this... READ MORE

How Often Does a Labiaplasty Procedure Affect the Nerves?

What is the most common complaint after labiaplasty regarding sexual sensitivity or sensation? READ MORE

Which Labiaplasty Method Will Preserve Sensation the Best?

I'm considering get labiaplasty to correct my overly large labia minora. I'm not so concerned with getting rid of the pigmented skin but... READ MORE

Loss of sensation after labiaplasty. Is it just temporary?

I've recently (4 months ago) had a labiaplasty surgery. After everything was healed, I realized I lost the sensation in the clitoris and the labia... READ MORE

2 yrs ago I had a botched labiaplasty and I have no sensation during orgasm. Can I get the climax feeling back?

2 yrs ago, OB/GYN botched my labiaplasty on me 6 weeks after I gave birth. She amputated one side and the other is very short. She told me she messed... READ MORE

Swollen clitoris after labiaplasty? Could this cause permanent damage or loss of sensation?

I'm about 5 days post op and yesterday and today I was sitting upright most of the day which I think caused it to swell a lot more. My clitoris (I can... READ MORE

Wedge method?

I am 40 year old with large labia & am thinking of getting a "wedge" done but I am worried about losing feeling or sensation during oral with my... READ MORE

Which method of labiaplasty will work best for me? Trim/Wedge? Do I need to have clitoral hood reduction too? (photos)

I have always hated my lady bits and only recently started reading about women having labiaplasty. I have read some horror stories from both methods... READ MORE

Labiaplasty and Clitoral hood reduction/unhooding benefit from reduction? Is there a risk of loss in sensation? Advice?(photos)

I've already decided a labiaplasty is what I want, but I do have some concerns about how enlarged my clitoris appears rot be. Could I benefit/be... READ MORE

Will I lose sensation? (photos)

Question 1., will I lose any sensation? Question 2., any doctors in New England area with expertise in labia surgery? READ MORE

Had Labiaplasty 3 months ago and it looks choppy, should I get a revision? (photos)

Got a labiaplasty about three months ago and it looks choppy. There is a small amount of labia left and I don't want it to be completely amputated if... READ MORE

Labiaplasty concerns. Any suggestions?

I am scheduled to have a labiaplasty surgery done by an experienced OB/GYN in a few weeks. After reading some of the forums on here about it I am... READ MORE

LVR to Treat Incontinence?

Hi, I have had Unirine incontinence since I was at very yond age. after I had my child this situation got worse. I am now 49 years old and also feel... READ MORE

After effects of a labiaplasty (many years ahead).

Hi I'm scheduled for a LP Ina couple of wks which I've wanted sInce I can remember... I'm 27 I have been so excited to have this done I can't wait to... READ MORE

Should I opt for the wedge or the excision method? I need advice. (Photo)

Im having a labiaplasty in my general hospital due to discomfort. The gynacologist discussed the pro's and con's of both methode with me but is not... READ MORE

The labia majora consists of a lot of nerves. Does labia reduction affect loss of sensations there? Will it be the same?

I had vaginal births one of them my 1st, I pushed when I wasn't suppose to and tore the inside and out is that way I have no friction, READ MORE

Is it possible to re-attach the labia that was removed?

- can labia be transplanted via a donor? Is it possible to re-attach the labia that was removed? I still have them you are preserved in alcohol. I am... READ MORE

No sensivity in clitoris , labias , vagina after labiaplasty

Recently realized after one year and half(I didn't pay attention before)that I've lost my sensivity in clitoris and labias after labiaplasty.My doctor... READ MORE

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