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How Much Labia Skin Can Safely Be Removed with Labiaplasty?

I am interested to know how much skin can be removed with Labiaplasty. Can the skin around the vaginal opening be trimmed, if the labia happens to... READ MORE

Is Labiaplasty Safe for Type 1 Diabetics?

Can a type I diabetic have a labiaplasty done safely? READ MORE

How soon after a Labiaplasty is it safe to get pregnant?

I am interested in this procedure but also wish to get pregnant next year. READ MORE

How long should I wait before swimming in a pool or lake after labiaplasty?

I'm coming up on two weeks post surgery and I don't think I dare to go swimming yet but just wondering when I should be safe? I still have quite a bit... READ MORE

Can I get labiaplasty at 17 and is it safe?

I'm 17 and have never had sex but a guy tried to force me into it and the outer lips of my vagina are slightly open, however, I know im still a virgin... READ MORE

4 weeks post op Labiaplasty, when is it safe to smoke?

I had labiaplasty 4 weeks ago and have all my restrictions given by mr dr for 6 wks. I don't smoke cigarettes but up until 3 wks before surgery I... READ MORE

3 weeks post op of vaginal tightening and Labiaplasty, is it safe to stick your baby finger in to monitor the stitching inside?

I am now 3 weeks post op from my 2 procedures Labiaplasty and Vaginal thightening. My stitches on the outside have disolved. Howeve I don't know how... READ MORE

I've read about surgeons having a preference for knife/lasers/surgitrons in doing labiplasty surgery. Are they all safe?

What's the difference and safety of using different implements in surgery. I've heard that different tools can enable in office procedures under local... READ MORE

When will the bleeding stop? Is it safe to use water?

I had a labiaplasty done this morning and was wondering how long until it stops bleeding.When going to the bathroom I am hesitant to use water because... READ MORE

Is Labiaplasty safe to get done in Thailand?

Is labiaplasty safe to get done in Thailand? READ MORE

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