Risk + Labiaplasty

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Is there a way i can get my vagina more plump?

And does it hurt cost and is there any risk READ MORE

What Are the Benefits/Risks Of Injecting Fat into Labia Majora?

I recently saw one of your BBL patients who had 100 cc injected into her labia majora. IT LOOKS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! What are the benefits of this... READ MORE

Hole in Labia Minora Following Labiaplasty- Risks?

2 years ago I had a labiaplasty which at first seemed successful.However,after about 6 months I noticed a through-and-through hole in my left labia... READ MORE

Can You Die from Labiaplasty?

I am young, and healthy. I have no medical conditions, but i am very scared about being put to sleep. Since I am healthy, do i have anything to worry... READ MORE

Labiaplasty and smoking risks?

I am having a labiaplasty and partial vaginal rejuvenation (only going in a third of the way) in a week. My surgeon's paperwork advises to stop... READ MORE

I'm considering labiaplasty but I'm prone to keloid scarring. Will I scar badly and could this be prevented/fixed?

I'm 25 and have been considering labiaplasty for over 10 years! The thing that holds me back is that I was left with a keloid scar when I had a mole... READ MORE

Interested in Labiaplasty, what are the risks? is it worth it?

I've been very insecure about this since I was a teenager. To the point that I can never ever show it to anyone. The labia is black ( even though I'm... READ MORE

Plastic Surgery After Giving Birth Risks?

I'm taking advantage of my maternity leave and getting a chin implant and cervicoplasty under general anesthesia three weeks after my due date. I... READ MORE

I'm really serious about getting labiaplasty. Could I end up with keloids?

I'm a African American woman,and I want to get labiaplasty,but I've heard that back people can get keilods,I'm not sure if that is true or not,I just... READ MORE

Labia surgery cost and risks?

Is it normal to have the inner labia taller than the outer labia ? What is the cast of the labia surgery and what is tge risks ? READ MORE

What surgery is best for me? (photos)

For many years I've wanted labiaplasty. I am after a very clean and tidy look. I have now realised I may also need clitoral hood reduction to achieve... READ MORE

Using a cauter knife to remove labia?

My right labia is longer than the other (more than half the size of my middle finger), and i want to remove it. it was not always this size. back in... READ MORE

Scarring risk with labiaplasty?

I am considering labiaplasty surgery but have experienced a keloid scar on my back and a hypertrophic scar on my arm. Does this increase my risk of... READ MORE

How long does a labiaplasty post-op healing phase generally last?

How Long Will It Hurt ?? Will I Have Draining ?? What AreMy Chances Of Infection ?? Does Vaginal Discharge Affect The Healing Process ?? How Soon... READ MORE

Conflicting answers.. shaving or not to shave? High risk of infection?

So I'm having breast augmentation augmentation and labiaplasty together tomorrow morning (730am) and I'm confused. The paper work says one week pre op... READ MORE

Risks associated with labiaplasty?

Hi There, Ive been considering labia plasty for many years (im 20y.o). I am not very confident with the way i look. My main concern is the risks... READ MORE

Are there other procedures similar to clitoral unhooding that are not as risky?

I have a large labia and a large hood. I want to have Labiaplasty and slightly reduce the hood because of the size. I don't want it to be completely... READ MORE

For how long do I need to be concerned about the blood clot risks after surgery?

I had labiaplasty today, my dr allowed me to stay on my bc pill since I tend to clot both w/ & w/o the pill on my period, but I'm really nervous to... READ MORE

Surgery in under a month - Dietary tips?

I am 21 years old and I am going to be having a labiaplasty under General Anesthetic next month. The thing is, I am terrified of something going wrong... READ MORE

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