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Labia Repair After Giving Birth?

I gave birth 7 mos ago & had 2nd degree laceration &was sutured rght after birth.a few months later i find my labia on right side like loose... READ MORE

Open wound - labia separation. (photos)

First of All im sorry for my broken English. Ive had Labiaplasty 12Days ago.In 4days stiches were dissolved and labia separated. My doctor sayd to... READ MORE

What to do with no labia? (Photo)

Had labiaplasty 6 months ago. Completely healed with no labia!!! As you can see, plenty of tissue up front and in the back but absolutely no tissue... READ MORE

Torn labia for 13 years. Is it too late to repair? (Photo)

My labia has a tear in it. It's been like this for 13 yrs. after my son. I had no stitches but think I should have. I hate partners seeing it !!... READ MORE

Unsuccessful labiaplasty-can it be fixed? (Photo)

I had done labiaplasty 2,5 weeks ago in Australia by a gynaecologist in public hospital but with my privat healt cover-the surgery cost me nothing but... READ MORE

How can my labia be repaired after labiaplasty?

I had a labiaplasty 7 months ago. Right after and through the healing process it itched like crazy. The dissolvable sutures took forever to dissolve... READ MORE

Frenulum clitoridis has been tearing for years permanently. What do I do?

So today I stretched my labia Minora all the way. And boom, my frenulum tore. When I google this only male information comes up and when I google... READ MORE

Torn labia after childbirth. Any suggestions?

Hello, I had my baby in Feb and she came out with her hand by her face. I got perineal tearing (2deg) and a big labia tear. The stitches came loose... READ MORE

Follow up to can my labia be repaired after labiaplasty?

Pinholes and track lines where the stitches were in labia minora 9 months after surgery with substance coming out when pushed on also very irritated... READ MORE

Had labliaplasty 12 days ago. Sutures coming out on left side. Will this need repaired, resutured? (photo)

Had labiaplasty 12 days ago. Developed abcess in right side on day 8, dr excised, drained and cultured. Cultures came back Staph positive (mess) on... READ MORE

Right side is great left has a hole and minimal skin left.

I had a wedge labiaplasty 12/2016. Loved the results asteticly but had a hole in the suitior line on the left. My surgeon attempted to repair and it... READ MORE

Can Labia Minora and Labia Majora be lasered apart?

My Labia Minora and Labia Majora have grown together on each side and my clitoris has been covered over and the skin is thickening. A doctor took a... READ MORE

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