Reduction + Labiaplasty

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I Have a Big Clitoris Around 1.5 Inches. How to Reduce It? (photo)

Hi I have a huge clitoris. How can i reduce it. Its about 1.5 inches. I need to reduce it to look normal. How much would it cost? READ MORE

Can a Labiaplasty Correct an Oversized Labia Majora?

How painful is the procedure and what is the recovery like? READ MORE

Labia Majora+minora Reduction Scars Normal?

I am 4 weeks post op and feel like I have been butchered.My surgeon said there would be absolutely no visible scarring with this procedure.I asked for... READ MORE

Exercise After Labia Minora Reduction?

I had my labia minora (both sides) trimmed two weeks ago. Some doctors say 2 weeks before strenuous exercise, others say 2 months. I do kickboxing,... READ MORE

Is it okay to masturbate (no penetration) 2 weeks after labiaplasty? Should I stop? Will the colors go back to "normal?"

I just had a labia minora reduction about 2 weeks ago, and I fell into temptations of pleasing myself. There was no penetration, and I was not in pain... READ MORE

Opinions on labia/clit reduction surgery? I'm almost 20. Been like this since I can remember! (Photo)

Wearing any sort of thong, swimming suit, or tight clothing leaves me uncomfortable. I always have to tuck it in. Exercise and sex can be annoying and... READ MORE

Stitches came out between top and bottom pieces of labia after wedge method reduction - now they are separated? (photo)

I had a labia reduction done on one side two weeks ago. In the last week, two stitches accidentally came out. Two days ago, I went and had a... READ MORE

There are small hard bumps where I believe the stitches were and now I think there is an infection, what is happening? (photos)

Please help. I have undergone labia plasty and am so far disgusted by my results. I wanted a reduction and awoke to find that my lips had been removed... READ MORE

Scary Stuff After Labia and Prepuce Reduction- Hole in Labia and Several Lumps Where Clitoris Should Be? (photo)

I had labiaplasty with prepuce reduction ten days ago and I'm really concerned. In one of my labia there is a gaping, bloody hole while the other... READ MORE

11 days post labial reduction and really worried. Is this normal? (photos)

There is a tiny hole at top of left side but right side is awful. Hole seems to go all the way through and still red, inflamed and bleeding. So worried! READ MORE

Are there doctors in Edmonton or Calgary, Alberta who can perform Labiaplasty Reduction Revision (photos)

I had a labiaplasty reduction in October 2013. It has been quite apparent the surgery did not yield the results I wanted. Is there a doctor in the... READ MORE

Labia reduction? (photo)

I have an interest in reducing my labia for various reasons but am unsure if my reduction would be in the majora or minora and what it would entail... READ MORE

I had a botched LABIAPLASTY, how can this be fixed ? (photos)

I had a botched LABIAPLASTY done 6 weeks ago , I had a lot of labia but wanted a small reduction . Can someone tell me how this can be fixed if it can... READ MORE

Cost of Labia Reduction in Australia?

I'm 14 and have large inner labia that causes pain and sometimes chaffing and it is hard to keep clean. Im very self conscious about it and want... READ MORE

2 days post op Labiaplasty, I have major swelling, bruising, and puss. Is this normal?

It has been two days since my left labial reduction and I have severe swelling, bruising, and yellow discharge coming from the left this normal? READ MORE

I have a small, round patch of red skin near my vagina a year after surgery. (Photo)

I had a labia reduction and a revision surgery. This was about a year ago. In the last several months I have noticed this small patch of red skin near... READ MORE

Would I look weird with labiaplasty but no hood reduction? (photo)

Hi, I was after a labiaplasty with limited hood reduction but I emailed my local surgeon and he doesn't do hood reductions. Unfortunately I can't... READ MORE

What procedures do you suggest that I have done to improve the appearance of my vulva? (photos)

I am definitely interested in labia minora reduction as my left labia is fleshier and darker while my right labia is thin and pink. My outer labia R... READ MORE

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