Puffiness + Labiaplasty

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Can dermal fillers be used to "puff" the labia majora? If so, which one would you recommend?

Is there a video showing how this is done? What amount would be recommended/labia? READ MORE

Where Can I Get ' Labial Puff ' Injections in the UK ?

I watched a segment on The Doctors  Labial puff done with Sculptra (I don't mind what substance is used though as long as the results are... READ MORE

My vagina really doesn't seem right? (photo)

My clitoris is really puffy and big and has been like that for awhile now.. i think it looks weird and i'm really conscious of it.. when i was younger... READ MORE

Am I eligible for labiaplasty in south east England, what does it involve? (photos)

I'm 21 from south east England and hate hate hate my inner labia. Since I was 12 they have hung so far out of my outer labia that I have had to tuck... READ MORE

Are my Labia lips protruding too much? (Photos)

I am concerned about my labia minoras length and puffiness... it is so much longer than the outer lips. Is the appearance very abnormal? I usually... READ MORE

Labiaplasty done about 7 weeks ago. Trim method. Soft bumpy/puffy tissue persists at the bottom area of the labia...

There's an specific area that's persistently swollen/puffy towards the end of my vagina where the labia meets again & ends. The perineum area? or... READ MORE

Do I qualify for the NHS to cover a labiaplasty?

I was wondering if the NHS would cover a labiaplasty procedure for me. One side is hanging down and rubbing on my clothes and after I have sex it... READ MORE

Is prepuce reduction and labiaplasty 2 different surgeries? If so, what would be the cost for both? (Photos)

I'm 29 year-old female and I just discovered that there is such thing prepuce reduction surgery! I need both labia and prepuce reduction. I've had... READ MORE

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