Post-pregnancy + Labiaplasty

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How Common is Labiaplasty After Childbirth?

What is the most popular technique used after childbirth for a labiaplasty? READ MORE

In your professional opinion would I be a good candidate for Clitoroplexy, or clitoral hood reduction and labiaplasty? (Photo)

I just had a baby so I'm still a little swollen. I've always had pronounced labia minora but it seems my pregnancy has made my clitoral head saggy and... READ MORE

What is this finger like projection coming out of my vagina? (Photo)

I had labiaplasty surgery 2 weeks ago, and in this time I've noticed this weird finger like projection?!! (I've had 2 babies, they are 2 and 6 months)... READ MORE

Would labiaplasty fix all that is going on or do I need multiple procedures?

I had a horrible episotmy with my 1st child, the doctor is honestly known as "the butcher". Cut down to annus. The loose skin on rectum was looked at... READ MORE

Is my vagina normal? (Photo)

Im scared about my vagina looks like,i have 2 kids already and im 25y.o. is there anything wrong with my vagina? Can i ask some medical advice,because... READ MORE

Is this a botched labiaplasty? What happened? (Photos)

Hi I would like to get some answers about my labioplasty trim I had 4 weeks ago , I've had few kids and wanted just a small trim to make my labia not... READ MORE

What are my options for my labia being detached from my clitoris?

I just had a vaginal birth and my right labia detached from my clitoris. It has healed that way since stitches did not work. My clitoris is detached... READ MORE

Does my vaginal opening look normal? (Photo)

I never really looked at all this before my baby. I also suffered a 4th degree tear that was successfully repaired after childbirth. I was only... READ MORE

Looking at my photos, do you think I'm healing normally? I'm 11 days post op (Photo)

Hello, im 31 and had two vaginal deliveries. My son is 10weeks and he completely tore through me at 8 lb5 oz. No stitching was required but in the... READ MORE

The structure of my vagina looks completely different. Is something wrong with it? (Photo)

Maybe I've never examined myself very closely, but my vagina appears to have skin growths now. Is this possibly skin tags? I gave birth to my son... READ MORE

Torn labia minora from childbirth. What can I do?

I just had my 2nd child and he's delivery was fast and so I tore. So my doctor stiched up my labia minora. When my stiches dissolved my labia minora... READ MORE

Is their something wrong with my vagina? Do I need surgery? (Photo)

26 years old & one kid & in a doggy position the lips open a lot more than normal the inside area looks like it's dropping. On my back it... READ MORE

I am self conscious of my vagina after kids. Does it look like I would benefit from a labiaplasty? (Photo)

Does it look like it would benefit from a labioplasty? I can't tell if this is an average vagina or if those lips that look like squiggly clams are... READ MORE

Will insurance cover labiaplasty & vaginal canal reconstruction if panties keep pulling on my labia causing discomfort? (Photo)

When i was 8 i had a accident were a pool to a chair went through my vagina and when i got the surgery to repair it they did a bad job and didnt... READ MORE

I have a lot of concerns with my vagina. Can you give me reassurance/treatment options?

1 Are my labia abnormal? Can this be altered? 2 I gape since childbirth and I find it embarrassing. Normal penetration no longer satisfies and we have... READ MORE

Would my insurance possibly cover labiaplasty? (Photos)

So since I was 16 my labia minora have been large, I am 25 with 2 kids (csections) and my labia minora are so large now that when I walk, sit,... READ MORE

Labia repair after childbirth. Is everything healing ok? (Photo)

I had the surgery 3 weeks ago! Since the surgery it was been very painful, I got an infection and stitched kept bleeding. All still very itchy, as in... READ MORE

Can multiple vaginal births affect labiaplasty work?

Aesthetically speaking, I'd like to trim my labia minora. I'm in my late 20s and currently have no kids, but I would like to try for 2 or 3 in the... READ MORE

Torn inner labia after child birth (5 weeks ago). Can it be fixed?

I gave birth 5weeks ago and had a torn inner labia, very uncomfortable and very self conscious and upset about it, gets me down. It rubs on clothes... READ MORE

56 year old female hasn't had sex in 19 years. Given birth to 2 children (grown now). Am I candidate for labiaplasty? (Photo)

I'm waiting on God for my husband and I want to pleasure him with a tight vagina. Am I a candidate for vaginal tightening and labiaplasty. READ MORE

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