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My vagina lips are wrinkled and dark - very uncomfortable with it. I'm scared to do anything sexual cause how it looks (Photo)

Is it normal for it too look like this ? is there anyway to fix it besides vagina lip surgery ? please answer asap READ MORE

After Giving Birth my Doctor Sewed my Labia Minora Together. What Can I Do? (photo)

They're sewed together through the middle, wearing tight jeans is uncomfortable and sex is out of the question for fear that they will rip if... READ MORE

How can I stretch my labia and clitoris non surgically?

I am a 32 year old african lady and want to stretch my labia.is there medication i ca use or anything that in non surgical to elongate them. READ MORE

I Want a Sexier Vagina. How Do I Get It?

I Want a Sexier Vagina. How Do I Get It? READ MORE

What's the best treatment for my black vagina?

I'm 25 years old.i have brown skin . but my vagina is very black and skin around it is starting hang.plz give me some tips. READ MORE

Extra skin inside vagina (Photo)

For the last couple of years I've had quite a bit of excess skin inside my vagina and while I'm not too self conscious about it, it can and does get... READ MORE

Is there a way I can remove my fupa? (Photo)

I have a fupa. a fupa is when your vagina is fat as shown the pictures. I thought only fat people had these. I'm not really big. I'm 5'1 and I only... READ MORE

How Safe is the Filler That is Injected for Labiaplasty Augmentation?

How difficult is it revise labia injections in case of unsatisfactory results? READ MORE

The skin around my vagina is too long. What can I do about it? (Photo)

I feel like the skin around my vagina is too long. And I'm wondering if I should go see a doctor. READ MORE

14 Years old and my labia are really large: what to do, are they normal?

I am 14 years old and I have large labia they are so embarrassing and I can't talk to my parents. They do rubb against my knickers and they look... READ MORE

Why is my vagina so loose, even the opening seems too wide to me?

I've been told before that I got a big vagina The problems im having is that whenever im having sex it just seems like too much of a free flow for the... READ MORE

Is my vagina ugly? (Photo)

I'm very self conscious about my vagina. I've only slept with two men in my life (I'm 20) including my current boyfriend and they both said I have a... READ MORE

Sagging labia majora. What should I do?

I've done waxing down there n all things were just fine till I discovered today that my labia majora r so saggy and wrinkled due to the wax am 21... READ MORE

It's not tightening up. Can I get help to make my vagina smaller?

Years ago my outer part of my virginia was slim like a normal one. And one day I notice it getting bigger and fater. I will not wear a bottom banding... READ MORE

My vagina is really flat. And i want to have camel toe. Possible or not?

Well I know its weird. But i think camel toes are really hot. Unfortunately i have a flat one. Can it be done surgically and/or naturally? What are... READ MORE

I have clitoral phimosis caused by lichen sclerosus. Is my only treatment option a Hoodectomy?

I have had LS for 9 years now, after my second baby was born. I have made remarkable improvement due with topical corticosteroids clobetasol... READ MORE

Hole in Labia Minora Following Labiaplasty- Risks?

2 years ago I had a labiaplasty which at first seemed successful.However,after about 6 months I noticed a through-and-through hole in my left labia... READ MORE

I have a large hematoma 2 days after labiaplasty. Will it go away on without treatment? (Photo)

I recently had labiaplasty completed on Monday. Yesterday I seen a pooling of blood on my right side and I was bleeding, not profusely but more then... READ MORE

Labia Majoraplasty - I saw my gynecologist and was told that they may or may not even out as I aged. Where do I go from here?

I'm an 18 y/o female and find my labia majora unsightly. They are long, saggy and asymmetrical. It has taken a real toll on my self image and... READ MORE

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