Odor + Labiaplasty

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When Is It Completely Safe To Start Slow Easy Sex Again?

I Had Labiaplasty,vaginal Tightening, Excess Prepuss and Perinoplasty Done 2 Weeks Ago. I have had lots of dark bleeding from vagina and still having... READ MORE

10 weeks post Labiaplasty and still have an odor. Is this normal?

My labiaplasty (trim method) is still healing however since having it done, there's been an odour. For the first few weeks the odour was strong and... READ MORE

Stinky odor after labiaplasty. Why?

Hello. This is nasty but after labiaplasty (got it done 2 days ago) I have a strong foul odor down there. It smells really bad. 1) Why, 2) is it... READ MORE

Is Peroxide Safe To Use Post Labiaplasty?

Is it safe to use peroxide, diluted with water to avoid infection and odor after labiaplasty? READ MORE

Labiaplasty... is everything looking ok? (Photo)

I know its impossible to tell from a picture but do you think it appears to be healing well? I got my surgery on the NHS and so I haven't been given a... READ MORE

Am I healing okay? Feel like there's no change why does it look like this? 8 days post-op (Photos)

Looks so awful theres a side which looks more cut down then the other side i dont even know what iv got done wether its the wedge technique or the... READ MORE

Is this amount of swelling, tightness and a bit of bleeding normal for 5 days post operation? (Photo)

This has been my third labiaplasty operation. Forst one was wedge method which resultet with splitting, after which my surgeon restitched everything... READ MORE

Labiaplasty and Vaginoplasty. (photo)

I Recently had surgery done about 3 weeks now. My labia has some sores from where the stitches came from and now my vagina has a discharge. Its light... READ MORE

Labiaplasty stitches - odor. Less air circulating down there?

1 month post wedge labiaplasty and have some stitches poking out. I also have a pulled down appearance now to my mons pubis area and a very strong... READ MORE

I have a yeast infection during labiaplasty recovery, and my surgeon's office is closed. What should I do?

It's been exactly a week since I got labiaplasty. Yesterday Saturday I started to have bad smell and white discharge. I got a yeast infection. It's a... READ MORE

Bilateral labia reduction 8 days post-op, I'm experiencing a lot of pain. Do my incisions look infected? (Photo)

I also now have a yeast infection probably from the antibiotic injection the surgeon gave me post surgery. But I'm wondering what all the excretiona... READ MORE

Smell after labiaplasty/hoodectomy on Monday, is this a sign of an issue?

Only for the past day, I wouldnt say its unpleasant but not my normal odor (Though I feel I dont generally have an odor & Ive never had any sort... READ MORE

7 days post labiaplasty, noticed a foul smell. Is this an infection?

I had a labiaplasty performed about 7 days ago. Recently I have noticed a really foul smell. It kind of smells like old period blood. I al have a... READ MORE

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