Mons Pubis + Labiaplasty

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If I Have my Mons Pubis Lipo'd, Will my Labia Minira Be More Prominent and Stick out More?

I am scheduled for lipo of the mons pubis in August. Was originally going to both the lipo and labiaplasty but when I heard of the pain from recovery... READ MORE

It's not tightening up. Can I get help to make my vagina smaller?

Years ago my outer part of my virginia was slim like a normal one. And one day I notice it getting bigger and fater. I will not wear a bottom banding... READ MORE

What would you recommend, Labiaplasty and mons pubis lift or lipo only? How true is this vaginal and anal whitening? (photos)

Hello, Im just :) 20. never had a child. but then I'm not satisfied with my labia minora appearance. i find it ugly,especially those dark ugly edges... READ MORE

Am I a Candidate for Labiaplasty and Lipo of the Mons Pubis? (Photo)

Looking at my pictures, do I need labiaplasty? Am I a candidate for labiaplasty? Will I get a discount if I also get lipo (u/s or laser) of the mons... READ MORE

Wrinkled labia majora and fatty mons pubis. What procedure would you recommend? (Photo)

I have an issue with my vagina. It's with the labia majors and mons pubis. I feel as though the mons pubis is the cause of the wrinkles on majora.... READ MORE

I got a tummy tuck, afterward I noticed my mons area was pulled up (my PS also lipo my mons). Now I have hanging labia. (photo)

My question is would I be a good Candidate for labiaplasty? Before my TT I really had no visible lip, now my mons area is pulled higher and tight, I... READ MORE

Do I have hypergranulation? How can I help my incision heal? 5 weeks post-op (Photo)

I had liposuction of the mons and labia majora, as well as labiaplasty. There's an area of my incision that has stubbornly refused to close (I'm... READ MORE

Labiaplasty stitches - odor. Less air circulating down there?

1 month post wedge labiaplasty and have some stitches poking out. I also have a pulled down appearance now to my mons pubis area and a very strong... READ MORE

Is there such thing as a mons pubis reduction?

Genetically I store fat in my mons pubis and I've been so self catious about wearing bikinis, shorts, jeans etc. I'm not heavy set or anything. Is... READ MORE

Labiaplasty+Mons pubis lipo..Better to combine with a BA or BBL?

I am planning on a Breast Augmentation this year and Brazilian Butt Lift next year. I also want to get labiaplasty as well as mons pubis... READ MORE

Will labiaplasty and mons pubis reduction help sagging inner labia and excess fat by pubic region from having 2 abdomen lipos?

I have had lower abdomen liposuction twice in the past 10 years so now there is an excess of fat in the pubic area. Also my inner labia that have... READ MORE

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