Loose Skin + Labiaplasty

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My vagina doesn't look normal is there loose skin? (photo)

My lady area seems to look not normal as I'm scarred to have sex as I get uncomfortable on what they may say this may just be me? I would like to no... READ MORE

My Vagina Doesn't Look Normal is There Loose Skin AND Big Clitoris ? (photos)

I'm 20 years and i never had sex , i feel self conscious about my vagina lips and clitoris , there is excess wrinkled skin around my clitoris and my... READ MORE

Loose flaps of skin all through vagina opening? (Photo)

Hi, im 18 years old and happen to have flappy bits of skin surrounding inside my vagina hole, it isnt itchy or anything but i was hoping to find out... READ MORE

Is it normal to have a loose vagina if you have never had sex?

I'm only a teenager and my vagina doesn't look normal there's lots of skin dangling there and I think I have a lose vagina even though I haven't had... READ MORE

What's the best treatment for my black vagina?

I'm 25 years old.i have brown skin . but my vagina is very black and skin around it is starting hang.plz give me some tips. READ MORE

Does my labia minora have an excess loose skin? Why are they black on the edges? My labia majora looks flat, why? (photo)

I feel as though my inner lips have an excessive amount of abnormal loose skin. Also, they are black on the edges and I find it very unattractive. If... READ MORE

Is my loose vagina skin normal? (Photo)

I'm really concerned at how my vagina looks when sitting/lying down. I know I don't have the typical 'normal' vagina look as my hood is on the outside... READ MORE

The skin around my vagina is too long. What can I do about it? (Photo)

I feel like the skin around my vagina is too long. And I'm wondering if I should go see a doctor. READ MORE

Skin surrounding clitoris keeps getting more wrinkled. Any suggestions? (photos)

I am 19 and the skin around my clitoris is already wrinkled and loose.I feel it also keeps growing and now has started to show in a swimsuit. I know... READ MORE

How much would it cost to get rid of the loose skin around the vaginal hole-anus area? (photo)

How much would it cost to get rid of the loose skin around the vaginal hole to the anus area? It's not a major concern for me I am just curious. I... READ MORE

Is there an in office procedure that can be done instead of painful surgery? (photos)

Hi im 22 and have this chunk of loose skin just on this one side of my labia iv had it for as long as i remember. It makes me very self concious... READ MORE

My vagina is black and some loose skin hanging out. Any suggestions? (photos)

I am worried about the colour of my vagina as it not similar to the rest of my body. Also there is a long wrinkled skin that is hanging out and... READ MORE

Would labiaplasty fix all that is going on or do I need multiple procedures?

I had a horrible episotmy with my 1st child, the doctor is honestly known as "the butcher". Cut down to annus. The loose skin on rectum was looked at... READ MORE

Can the right labia minora be made any thinner? Already had labiaplasty + revision this past March. (photos)

I had labiaplasty in Sept 2014 and revision this past early March to trim more of the right. My ideal look would have been everything tucked in... READ MORE

I have loose skin, how can I fix it? (Photo)

I've had this loose skin for a while now and I am so insecure about it, it is horrible. I want to know how I can remove or reduce it. READ MORE

Clitoral hood reduction and labiaplasty? Not sure which procedure I need (Photo)

I still have to go for a consultation with a surgeon but id like to hear other opinions. I posted a question recently and you guys said it might help... READ MORE

I had a Labiaplasty 24 hours ago. Do my stitches and everything look fine? (photos)

I'm worried about assymetrry or a loose stitch. I don't want to go for a second op. READ MORE

Botched labiaplasty 3 months post-op: Think these are final results. What would you recommend to fix? (photos)

1. Major concern: Clitoris area - off-center and too close or attached to outer labia with tention/pulling to left of, and below clitoris. Very... READ MORE

Vestibule not visible to touch in shaft, just feels like loose empty skin, literally sick to my stomach

I used to be able to feel down there and can feel everything so tight (2 months ago) and also very fatty, it was very defined, now it feels like loose... READ MORE

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