Laser + Labiaplasty

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Is Laser Correction Possible or Should I Do Labiaplasty? Costs?

I just want less skin, I wanted to know if it could be trimmed with laser? Are the results permanent? Whats the cost if you just want to trim like 1... READ MORE

Laser labiaplasty: yellow stuff on stitches and white discharge. Infection? (photos)

Help doctors! 6th day post inner labia reduction (laser), worse than day 4/5. Have yellow stuff on stitches/incision, is it pus=infected? Picture 1 is... READ MORE

Clitoras concerns. Any suggestions? (photos)

I had laser labiaplasty. Day 4 and the swelling and pain still persists. Noticed my clitoras is divided in 2 parts. Is this due to swelling? Will this... READ MORE

What is Laser Labiaplasty?

Can you please explain what laser labiaplasty is vs the trim and wedge tecnique. READ MORE

Can laser be used on labia majora? (Photo)

Years ago I had an ingrown hair or boil on my labia majora. It left a scar that is not discolored but looks like a stretch mark. When standing up the... READ MORE

I did Laser Hair Removal six months post Labiaplasty and now it looks like the inner labia is sagging.

Six months ago I did a labia plasty and now after having the lasered area( yes skin in that area is much more pigmented than the labia majora its... READ MORE

Should I be concerned with the way my labia looks 1 week post op? (photos)

I had laser labiaplasty a week ago and have been doing the sitz baths few times a day and applying fucidin cream religiously. I am concerned with way... READ MORE

Scars post labiaplasty

Can anything be done to treat scars post labiaplasty? I've heard that laser treatment is possible. I have painful, unsightly scars on my clitoral hood... READ MORE

Laser Labiaplasty post op wound burning when peeing.

I am 10 days post op, I had laser labiaplasty it was then glued up with very minimal stitching. Most of the glue had come off now and the skin is new... READ MORE

Laser labiaplasty concerns. (photos)

I had some concerns with the way my labia looks a day post op. I believe I have a burn blister on my labia majora. Would someone confirm this? I know... READ MORE

Which is better: intimate laser or labiaplasty surgery? (Photo)

Do I need to undergo labia majora and labia minora reduction? Is there a chance for me to have a perfect result after surgery? Which is nice, surgery... READ MORE

Labia Minora.

I recently went to a plastic surgeon about my labia minora, and she recommended instead of labiaplasty a tightening laser or remedy but I am yet to... READ MORE

Study Reveals 8 labiaplasty techniques currently in use, can you tell me more about them?

I was reading a study today that identified eight different techniques of labiaplasty, and I thought there was only three. Are there really eight way... READ MORE

Labiaplasty - laser or scalpel?

Is there any doctor here who use(d) both scalpel and laser for labiaplasty? I've read a lot about that , opinions are so mixed, and it looks like... READ MORE

How can swelling be reduced after a labiaplasty?

I am 19 days post op (trim method w/ laser) - The swelling on the left labia hasn't improved this past week. Its really hard and tender. It's feels... READ MORE

Finding a surgeon for Labiaplasty and clitoral hood reduction in Boston?

Hi All, I am considering labiaplasty with a clitoral hood reduction. I have consulted with 2 surgeons and I am trying to make the decision between the... READ MORE

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