Irritation + Labiaplasty

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Extra skin inside vagina (Photo)

For the last couple of years I've had quite a bit of excess skin inside my vagina and while I'm not too self conscious about it, it can and does get... READ MORE

Labiaplasty Post-Op Concerns- Itchiness, Stinging Pain and Swelling Normal?

I had Labiaplasty surgery about 3 and a half weeks ago and over the past 2 weeks ive noticed alot of itching that is keeping me up at night, i have a... READ MORE

Infected labiaplasty? (photos)

Trim teqnique with laser, dissolvable stitches and glue used, 13 days post op. Yellow and white liquid around incision line, surgeon says its not... READ MORE

My Doctor Recommended the Trim Method for Labiaplasty to Get a "New Start" Instead of Keeping the Edges There?

I am having pain, irritation, pinching, chaffing, etc. I knew about the procedure before and was leaning more towards the wedge. He said he would... READ MORE

3 Vaginal Procedures in 6wks. Now Have Irritation, Itching?

I have had 3 surgical procedures vaginally in 6 wks. now have redness on external vagina and inner thighs, irritated skin and horrible itching. went... READ MORE

If I wanted to trim one side of my labia would it still cost as much as many of these reviews do?

One of my labias hangs very low, for a while I thought it might be a tumor or something. It's only connected by a thin area of skin and then it... READ MORE

Can my lopsided labiaplasty be corrected? 5 weeks post op. (photos)

I had labiaplasty 5 weeks ago and it's lopsided, sensitive and ugly... Ugh. I had it done by my OB. Can this be fixed? These are my questions: The... READ MORE

I was wondering how much would it be? (photos)

Hi I'm 18 and Iv self-conscious about myself my labia I started masturbating around 13 and my labia sticks out on the left more and it has a color and... READ MORE

Do these bumps look like they'll go away? They are sensitive & painful. I don't think my doctor is being honest with me (Photo)

It's been one month since my labiaplasty and prepuce reduction. I seem to be healing fine except for those very irritated bumps. I understand I'm... READ MORE

Do I need to get extra skin removed? (photos)

I developed a teardrop shaped piea of skin on my labia. It doesnt hurt, and ive had it since november 2014. Its gotten irritated from using too much... READ MORE

Follow-Up Question: Labiaplasty - 5 weeks post-op - will I need reconstructive surgery? (photos)

Wound breakdown (totally open on right side - still healing). Doc treated the site 2x w/ silver nitrate. Hard scar tissue forming. Regarding my... READ MORE

Will my insurance cover labiaplasty?

I am having a few problems with my libia minora. They get irritated from rubbing against my clothes, inserting a tampon and i have something that... READ MORE

Would my insurance possibly cover labiaplasty? (Photos)

So since I was 16 my labia minora have been large, I am 25 with 2 kids (csections) and my labia minora are so large now that when I walk, sit,... READ MORE

I have a terrible growth on my labia minor. Inches in length, slightly sore at times and years old? (Photo)

I have a severe growth. It isn't a swelling but loose and uneven skin, sore to touch and a few inches. I've had it for years and it has worsened.... READ MORE

Irritated skin hanging out of my vagina has not always been there? (Photos)

So this is new but is irratated and a little sore from rubbing I'm assuming. I have an almost 3 yr old and had a DNC 2 months ago. I am going in to... READ MORE

6 weeks post op labiaplasty, each side healing differently? (Photo)

I had my labiaplasty almost 6 weeks ago, I noticed that one side finally is starting to look the way I want, whilst the other side is swollen and... READ MORE

What procedures am I a candidate for, vaginoplasty or labiaplasty or both? (Photo)

I have hidradentitis suppurativa that has caused major damage to my skin in my groin area...I had have chemical burns on my vagina from a reaction to... READ MORE

25 after labiaplasty, my opening has been improving, why is the tissue not sticking together? Am I doing something wrong?(photo)

I'm close to 30days post op. And the opening has definitely improved, however still there!!. Is this normal? Why is it taking so long to stick... READ MORE

Can sagging labia minora cause irritation?

Could the irritation I feel when I exercise or even just walk be due to my labia minora protruding down too far and rubbing against the fabric of my... READ MORE

My labiaplasty procedure (7 weeks post op). Question: sensitivity: nerve damage, undissolved suture? (Photos)

Been back to doc 8x since surgery due to breakdown. Was given "all clear" at 5 weeks w/ "no need" for followup. I addressed pain/irritation I'm having... READ MORE

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