Inner Labia + Labiaplasty

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Expose Clitoris More? Is This Possible + Cost? (photo)

As you can see from the photos, my clitoris is basically hidden under my inner lips. I would like it to be more exposed. Is it possible to just remove... READ MORE

Torn inner labia from child birth. Can this be mended?

My inner labia has torn on the left hand side during childbirth, I'm 6weeks post natal and the midwife said stitches have dissolved and fully healed,... READ MORE

Labia minora always open. What can I do? (photo)

I think I have an unusual problem - both my labia are permanantly OPEN ! Basically it looks like a penis has only just been pulled out. Is there... READ MORE

Which Labiaplasty Method Will Preserve Sensation the Best?

I'm considering get labiaplasty to correct my overly large labia minora. I'm not so concerned with getting rid of the pigmented skin but... READ MORE

What's the extra skin called above (but conncted to) inner labia and next to clitoral hood? (Photo)

What are the extra skin pieces called, that are (connected to) my inner labia and next to my clitoral hood? It looks like a third labia. How can this... READ MORE

Is there any way to make inner labia smaller without surgery? (photo)

The appearance of my vagina gets in the way of me having an enjoyable sex life. How much does labiaplasty cost on average? I'm disgusted with myself. READ MORE

Over masturbation has damaged my inner labia. What can do to get the color back? Have I damaged nerve endings?

Im 18 years old and I believe I have damaged my inner labia by over masturbation. I have used an electric tooth brush for 3 years now. I've noticed... READ MORE

Labiaplasty Cost and Doctor in Cleveland, Ohio?

How much does Labiaplasty cost to make the smaller lips in my vagina smaller? I feel uncomfortable. Does anyone know a doctor in Cleveland, Ohio? READ MORE

Can the labia minora be enlarged?

I had a bilateral labia minora reduction (as it was called) in the early 80s. I believe the doctor removed far too much. I have no inner labia left.... READ MORE

Non symmetrical inner labia - to operate or not? I am 35 and mother of 2 naturally born children. (photos)

I am 35 and mother of 2 naturally born children. Since my late teens I have always had one inner labia longer than the other. During sexual... READ MORE

What is a natural small inner labia like vs a designed labia? (Photo)

Hi. I'm just wondering how to look if a vulva has been into surgery. When you do perform surgery to reduce inner labia, are the vulvas looking like a... READ MORE

Can you feel anything during Labiaplasty surgery?

Im 15 and one side of my inner labia is longer than the other. Its very uncomfortable in different situations, when my underwear are in a bunch, it... READ MORE

He removed all of my labia! What should I do? (Photo)

I had labiplasty last week and he completely removed all my inner labia Now what??? Does this look super in natural READ MORE

Am I eligible for labiaplasty? (photo)

I have labia minora that hangs around half an inch or more. It is constantly causing me great discomfort in almost everything I wear due to the... READ MORE

What can help help tighten up my labia and reduce size of my clitoris? Pelvic floor hasn't helped.

I have a rather large inner , outter labia and clitorous that gets realy unconfortable during sex , wearing tight clothing , i dont want surgery, my... READ MORE

If my inner labia was cut too closely at 16 could they still grow? I'm experiencing pain like pulling/tearing during sex (Photo)

I am 19 years old and I had labiaplasty when I was 16, after the required weeks of healing intercourse was not painful for two years. Recently perhaps... READ MORE

I'm 14 years old, one very large inner labia. Any suggestions?

I'm only fourteen but have noticed since I was around 11 that I've got on inner labia that is very large in comparison to the other. The older I get... READ MORE

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