Hooding + Labiaplasty

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Labiaplasty. Inner Sewn to Outter. Looks Pleated Because Too Much Skin Was Sewn Together After Wedge Technique? (photo)

Update: It's been almost 3 months post surgery. One side of my labia look great, although I wish is were a little tighter. The other side still looks... READ MORE

Surgical Options for Torn Hood Piercing?

My piercing tore completely through my clitoral hood. There is no nerve damage but skin folds remain from the tear and tugging of the jewelry. Am I a... READ MORE

Is my clitoral hood too big? Should I get labiaplasty? (photo)

I have a hard time wearing lace underwear or even jeans because of my labia minora getting pinched. I feel my labia minora is too big, and I feel like... READ MORE

Will Scar or Puckering Eventually Flatten out from Labiaplasty?

I am approximately 2 months post-op and on one side I have quite a fold that develops into a strange pucker near my clitoral hood. I have noticed that... READ MORE

What can be done about this column next to my clitoris? It is a fold next to my clit. (photo)

My clit is fairly small, pretty small In fact and so is the hood, however I have this big bit of thick skin next to it that has no purpose. Would it... READ MORE

Would I look weird with labiaplasty but no hood reduction? (photo)

Hi, I was after a labiaplasty with limited hood reduction but I emailed my local surgeon and he doesn't do hood reductions. Unfortunately I can't... READ MORE

1 day post surgery labiaplasty trim method - is this botched? Help! (photo)

I had labiaplasty yesterday. I specifically wanted the trim method as I had extremely large and discoloured labia. I also wanted my hood reduced as... READ MORE

Hood splitting from labia - will this heal? 6 weeks post op. (photos)

Hi, I have noticed that at the bottom of the hood, it has a slit so detached from the labia? I'm very concerned now and wondered if this would heal?... READ MORE

How much lip would I get removed, and what about the hood? (Photo)

I have large lips and hood and would like to know how much you think I should get removed READ MORE

Labiaplasty - What technique if only One Side needs "work"? (photos)

See attached. Asymmetrical. Only one side is too long. Don't think the other side needs anything done to it. Also, how "hooded" is my clitoris? I am... READ MORE

Nurse says hematoma? Am I healing well from labiaplasty? 4 days post op. Lots of pain (Photos)

I am 4 days post op. I had a mole removed at the top of my hood, access skin removed from the right side of my labia and my labia shortened by wedge... READ MORE

How do I keep from anything irritating my labia after labiaplasty? (Photo)

I had surgery on 9/13, labiaplasty wedge with hood. I stood home resting and taking care of myself for 12 days. Yesterday my 13th day post op, I... READ MORE

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