Exercise + Labiaplasty

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Exercise After Labia Minora Reduction?

I had my labia minora (both sides) trimmed two weeks ago. Some doctors say 2 weeks before strenuous exercise, others say 2 months. I do kickboxing,... READ MORE

Labiaplasty Revision and Intercourse?

I had my initial labiaplasty (minora, wedge method) on the 23rd of July, my stitches dissolved too early and left a split on both minora. The left had... READ MORE

How long should you wait to run and exercise after labiaplasty?

I am a college athlete, I need o be training as often as possible. How long is recommended until I can exercise again? READ MORE

I work out regularly because it helps with my chronic fatigue syndrome. What exercise can I do during labiaplasty recovery?

I am scheduled for labiaplasty surgery in a few weeks time. I workout regularly (6 days/week), and find that it helps me with my chronic fatigue... READ MORE

Would my insurance possibly cover labiaplasty? (Photos)

So since I was 16 my labia minora have been large, I am 25 with 2 kids (csections) and my labia minora are so large now that when I walk, sit,... READ MORE

Can sagging labia minora cause irritation?

Could the irritation I feel when I exercise or even just walk be due to my labia minora protruding down too far and rubbing against the fabric of my... READ MORE

When can I use a sauna and do yoga? 1 month post labiaplasty

Being unable to exercise has caused some depression and obviously isn't great for anyone's overall health. I'm use to working out daily and using a... READ MORE

Is it realistic to have labiaplasty to remove about 1/2 inch long area of protruding skin one side?

I'm 24. For many years the right side of my labia minora has bothered me in clothes, exercise, etc. It's not that long, but it hurts sometimes. It... READ MORE

Physical exercise after labiaplasty?

After having labiaplasty procedure I am wondering how long (anyone who has had the procedure) had to wait to be active again such as a cardio class or... READ MORE

Will a labiaplasty fix the soreness I get after cycling class?

My inner lips have started to hang down and is getting very uncomfortable when I do cycling classes as well as in general. I already had a... READ MORE

Is it safe do wax over the scar in % weeks Labian Minora and Majora surgery?

I did labian Majora and Minora surgery 5 weeks ago, and I would like to know when I can have sexy, also make Bodybuilding exercises and If I can do... READ MORE

Is It possible to a wound opening or partial opening on 5 weeks after Labian Majora and Minora surgery?

Is It possible to a wound opening or partial opening on 5 weeks after Labian Majora and Minora surgery if I did sexy or bodybuilding exercises? READ MORE

When can I exercise after labiaplasty? Is some swelling/irritation ok or should I not be experiencing this?

I am 5 weeks past my restitching surgery that failed. I had the inferior wedge technique done 7 weeks ago and am experiencing pain and sensitivity,... READ MORE

Can I start exercise after 3 days post labiaplasty?

I had a labiaplasty just a trim I think on one side of my labia 3 days ago. The area is still a little swollen but I don't have any pain and it's not... READ MORE

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