Excision + Labiaplasty

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De-epithelization Labiaplasty, after bartholin gland removal to remove scar tissue. Is a skin graft to labia minora an option?

I had to get a left side de-epithilization labiaplasty after having years of scarring from a bartholin gland cyst, now excised and removed. The... READ MORE

Options for reducing labia majora? (Photos)

Over the last year or so, I've been seeking to reduce the disproportionately large amounts of fat in my labia majora and mons (and now, belly). I was... READ MORE

Any suggestions to Labia (Vulva)? (photos)

I have a rare condition called where I syringoma (are harmless eccrine sweat duct tumors)!!! I would like to have them removed! Or if possible to have... READ MORE

Should I opt for the wedge or the excision method? I need advice. (Photo)

Im having a labiaplasty in my general hospital due to discomfort. The gynacologist discussed the pro's and con's of both methode with me but is not... READ MORE

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