Discharge + Labiaplasty

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What is this yellow stuff along my labia minora 6 days post op labiaplasty? (Photo)

6 days post op labiaplasty and I have this yellow thick chicken fat feeling stuff along my labia minora where I'm assuming the incision was made. I... READ MORE

1 week post op Labiaplasty, I have an infection. Is it healing right? (photos)

I am 24 years old. i recently had a labiaplasty, wedge method. I had the surgery a week ago today. After the operation i was told everything went very... READ MORE

6 days ago post. The swelling has subsided a little. There's a build up of something on the stitches. Is this normal? (Photo)

I have been showering daily and using ointment on the stitches 2 times a day. Yesterday was my last day using ointment. I haven't tried to look at the... READ MORE

7 days post op Labiaplasty of trimming method, I have a yellow discharge. Is this normal? What could be the cause? (photo)

I saw my surgeon today & told him about a yellow discharge. He said it may be a yeast infection & gave me Levoxin500mg tablets. I started oral... READ MORE

I Am 1 Wk Post Surgery Yesterday Wednesday 5-16. I'm Having Liquidy Discharge, Not Foul Smelling or Color Change. is It Normal?

I Am 1 Wk Post Surgery Yesterday Wednesday 5-16.  I'm Having Liquidy Discharge, Not Foul Smelling or Color Change. is It Normal? Labia minor... READ MORE

White stuff on suture line after labiaplasty. Is this normal?

I had labiaplasty a little over 2 wks ago and this wk I've noticed some thick white substance on the suture line and what looks like some scabbing too... READ MORE

Is it normal to have extreme itching and white chunky vaginal discharge after a labiaplasty?

I had a labiaplasty on Jan. 26th. I am having this ridiculous itchiness that is driving me crazy! I also have thick white chunks inside the vaginal... READ MORE

2 days post op Labiaplasty, I have major swelling, bruising, and puss. Is this normal?

It has been two days since my left labial reduction and I have severe swelling, bruising, and yellow discharge coming from the left side.is this normal? READ MORE

Laser labiaplasty: yellow stuff on stitches and white discharge. Infection? (photos)

Help doctors! 6th day post inner labia reduction (laser), worse than day 4/5. Have yellow stuff on stitches/incision, is it pus=infected? Picture 1 is... READ MORE

Labiaplasty 2 weeks ago. Does it look infected? (Photo)

I seen my surgeon 3 days ago and she said all was healing well but today I noticed something around my clitoras that looks like and infection. Also... READ MORE

I have brown discharge 5 days after labiaplasty. Is this normal? (photos)

Had wedge labiaplasty on Friday. Took anti-yeast pills before during and after, been on anti-biotics. There is still significant swelling and I had... READ MORE

10 months post labiaplasty - Heavier vaginal discharge the past few months. Is there any correlation?

I'm about 10 months post labiaplasty. I've noticed a much heavier, watery, vaginal discharge with almost "extra moisture" down there. As silly as it... READ MORE

I had labiaplasty 1 week ago and the doctor cut them completely off instead of trimming. What can I do?

What will happen to the in side of my vagina as it looks(and only if my legs are spread pretty wide) that it may be to open like labia kept it a... READ MORE

I'm 3 days post op of a labiaplasty. I have noticed a slight discharge and one side is more swollen. Is this normal? (Photo)

No odor still very swollen and purple....after my first bm since the surgery and I noticed a discharge not yellow more white and watery....also one... READ MORE

Is my enlarged labia minora causing me excessive itching?

I have a size discrepancy between my labia minora--the left is at least double the size of the right. It is also purple in color, so it looks more... READ MORE

Labiaplasty 4 weeks out - should it look like this? (photo)

I had labia minor reduction surgery on both sides 4 weeks ago and have had major complications, a UTI and 2 yeast infections (I've visited my surgeon... READ MORE

I am 17 days post and have like this weird whitish discharge looking cream around my stitches. (Photo)

I didn't have this the first couple of days and them suddenly it started to occur. I have been cleaning with hydrogen peroxide and q-tips. I don't... READ MORE

Labiaplasty sore after 12 days; I had watery discharge. Could thrush be causing the soreness? (Photo)

I had labiaplasty 12 days ago. I am very tender and sore near the opening of my vagina. One side is considerably swollen than the other and is much... READ MORE

Had labiaplasty, labia minora reduction 12 days ago and it smells very bad. Do I have an infection?

My surgeon told me to not do a sitz bath or rub the area. All I am allowed to use is water and soap. I currently use Aveno non perfumed soap. I cannot... READ MORE

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