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Labiaplasty- Which technique is best for me? Trim or Wedge? (Photo)

I went for a consultation and the doctor recommended the trim technique because of the length and size of my labia. However after doing more research... READ MORE

Clitoral hood reduction and labiaplasty? Not sure which procedure I need (Photo)

I still have to go for a consultation with a surgeon but id like to hear other opinions. I posted a question recently and you guys said it might help... READ MORE

Labiaplasty done with wedge method. Not sure if it's splitting?! (photos)

One side of the labia seems to be healing with no complication and swelling is pretty much insignificant now at my 8th day of surgery. The other labia... READ MORE

Labiaplasty of the Majora. (photos)

I am curious what kind of technique would be used for my situation. I lost over 60 pounds and the majora is quite lose and wrinkly, I assume if I... READ MORE

Labiaplasty trimming method. (photos)

I had a consultation today regarding the labiaplasty and was told by the surgeon he only does the trimming method. I was a bit disappointed by this as... READ MORE

How common is wedge method splitting? Which is better, trim or wedge?

I don't know which one I will have the best results with. The first doctor insisted I do the wedge method. Haven't yet been to the other two... READ MORE

What is the time frame for labiaplasty?

I would like to schedule a labiaplasty for early April. When is the best text to schedule the consultation? Or am I already too late? How much time is... READ MORE

I was incorrect in my last post. I now believe the surgeon I consulted with said he did not perform "unhooding". (Photo)

This surgeon is Board Certified but only had about 3 pics to show me. The photos I did see were of labia minoras that were very enlarged and more... READ MORE

Where do I start? Who should I talk to about labiaplasty?

I am in my twenties and I have had discomfort from my labia for as long as I can remember. I have never told anyone because I don't know where to... READ MORE

Labiaplasty scheduled, do I need hood reduction too? (photos)

I have booked a consultation for labiaplasty, and am looking for a nice trim look. I'm wondering whether I'll need a hood reduction too as I've read... READ MORE

Looking forward to a Labiaplasty. What would be the best technique for me? (photos)

I had à consultation and the dr proposed the wedge technique and a "hockey stick " incision to eliminate some of the extra skin near the clit. What ... READ MORE

Labiaplasty of minora only? Or minora and majora?

I am in the market for labiaplasty of minora. I had not considered doing the labia majora as well as it never really bothered me. However, after... READ MORE

How many surgeons should I see for consultations?

I am very ready to have labiaplasty and have done a lot of research. I have narrowed it down to three plastic surgeons who I feel are the best options... READ MORE

A labiaplasty. How much would it cost to come to your office to check me out?

How much would it cost to come to your office for you can check me out and see what you think READ MORE

I received a consultation for liposuction and it was suggested that I get the upper, lower and waist area (Photo)

I received a consultation for liposuction and it was suggested that I get the upper and lower abdomen and waist area. Does it matter if I get the... READ MORE

Follow-up: about the cost of L-plasty, now want to correct it.

Today I got a consultation. dr told, I need a L-plasty 4 bilateral minora+bilateral majora ad may be a clitoral hoodectomy. Now I want to ask the... READ MORE

Labiaplasty near Gainesville, FL

Hi, I'm looking to have a consultation for a labiaplasty within a 5 hour radius of Gainesville, FL (including areas like Atlanta, Orlando, Miami,... READ MORE

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