Clitoral Hood Reduction + Labiaplasty

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Expose Clitoris More? Is This Possible + Cost? (photo)

As you can see from the photos, my clitoris is basically hidden under my inner lips. I would like it to be more exposed. Is it possible to just remove... READ MORE

My Doctor Cut my Clitoris Hood Without my Permission is That Ok? Will Look Normal? (photo)

I did labiaplasty, buccal fat removal, breast implant replacement, liposuction ( stomach thighs), fat transfer gluteos. The major issue is my... READ MORE

I'm 22 years old and considering a Labiaplasty and possibly also a clitoral hood reduction. What is recommended? (photo)

I have been considering this for a long time, but never had the money. Now that I do I'm wondering if a clitoral hood reduction would be recommended... READ MORE

Is My Clitoris Too Exposed? Please HELP!

After labiaplasty and clitoral hood reduction 2 days ago, it seems my clit is too exposed and is rubbing on my clothes and every time I go to te... READ MORE

What can I do to improve the look of my labia? I have had my clitoral hood reduced but I feel it wasn't enough (photo)

Had labiaplasty performed when i was 18, and 2 years later i had a revision to reduce my clitoral hood. Nevertheless, i am not satisfied with my end... READ MORE

Still Very Swollen 3 Weeks After Labiaplasty with Hood Reduction, Normal?

I has Labia Plasty as well hood reductions and my Clitoral hood is still swollen and I feel the same as it was on week 2 how long is it going to take... READ MORE

In your professional opinion would I be a good candidate for Clitoroplexy, or clitoral hood reduction and labiaplasty? (Photo)

I just had a baby so I'm still a little swollen. I've always had pronounced labia minora but it seems my pregnancy has made my clitoral head saggy and... READ MORE

Bumps After Labiaplasty and Clitoral Hood Reduction? (photo)

I had my surgery 3 weeks ago. I had, vagina rejuvenation, labia minora and clitoral hood reduction. Is this swelling or not? All of the rest of my... READ MORE

Uneven labias after labiaplasty - one labia chopped off (Photo)

I had labiaplasty done about 16 days ago. I think all the swelling is gone and im not sure if im happy with the result. First of all I dont see a big... READ MORE

What are these Little balls coming out of my hood/clit? (photo)

Hi , I got labiaplasty almost 3wks ago. However I had stitches in my clitoral hood and now I have these 2 hard balls poking out of my clitoral area... READ MORE

What Can Be Done to Repair Too Much Labial Removal During Labiaplasty? (photo)

I am 6 months post op from labiaplasty. Too much labial tissue was removed on the right side. My frenulum was dissected, there is virtually no labia... READ MORE

I have clitoral phimosis caused by lichen sclerosus. Is my only treatment option a Hoodectomy?

I have had LS for 9 years now, after my second baby was born. I have made remarkable improvement due with topical corticosteroids clobetasol... READ MORE

Surgical Options for Torn Hood Piercing?

My piercing tore completely through my clitoral hood. There is no nerve damage but skin folds remain from the tear and tugging of the jewelry. Am I a... READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for labia majora fat grafting and clitorial hood reduction? (Photo)

I never realized my vagina was so ugly until I was 23. I have a big clitoris and i don't like it. Also my labia majora is saggy when I sit down. My... READ MORE

Labia reduction and clitoral hood lift done and now open wounds (photos)

Day 1 everything went well after my labiareduction and clitoralhoodlift. Day 5 the swelling went to my labia majora and the stitches broke. Now i have... READ MORE

What should i get done after labiaplasty made my labia saggy? (Photo)

I had a labiaplasty 5 months ago and now my lips look worse than they did before the procedure. I spoke with my doctor and was informed that it looks... READ MORE

If I just have Labiaplasty without clitoral hood reduction, will I look like the second photo afterwards? (photos)

I know labiaplasty results are different for everyone, and mine wont look exactly like the second photo but that my ideal outcome. My surgeon will... READ MORE

Clitoral hood reduction and labia plasty? What do you think? (photos)

Is my goal semi realistic ? I'm not expecting to look identical by any means but I would like a much thinner smaller clitoral hood and labia... They... READ MORE

Will the holes in my labia minora heal? (Photo)

It has been 2 weeks and 3 days since I had labiaplasty. I had a labia minora reduction and a clitoral hoodectomy. My stitches are almost gone on my... READ MORE

How much would it cost to get all my labia removed, a clitoral hood reduction, and a rejuvenation?

I have an outty vagina that causes me extreme discomfort, and lowers my self esteem. I am afraid of what a guy will think of it. I've been with my... READ MORE

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