Children + Labiaplasty

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What is this triangular flap of skin in my vagina? (photo)

I am studying maternity and female anatomy in school, and apparently what I thought was my clitoris is something completely different. I am not a... READ MORE

Non symmetrical inner labia - to operate or not? I am 35 and mother of 2 naturally born children. (photos)

I am 35 and mother of 2 naturally born children. Since my late teens I have always had one inner labia longer than the other. During sexual... READ MORE

What is this ball of flesh hanging from my inner labia? (photo)

I have a vall of flesh hanging from my inner labia it has just appeared from nowhere. I am 30 years old with 3 children the youngest is 9 months and i... READ MORE

Can I hit have a fat transfer to my labia? (photos)

I am 30years old and about to have my 1st child, I'm concerned on the effects my vagina will go trough after birth, but the issue that bothers me now... READ MORE

I think too much labia has been removed on one side. I am 2 weeks post op. Any suggestions? (photos)

My Labia wasn't very inlarged was just torn during child birth and stitched back unbneatly over lapping and one side was no longer joined at the hood.... READ MORE

What is wrong with my vagina? Does this look normal? (photo)

I need to know why my vagina looks like this I have four kids and is there anything I can do about this READ MORE

Age 33, mother of two. Wanting a tighter looking vagina. What is the best option for me that is also affordable? (photo)

After two children my vagina is totally different. Not sure if I would fix it by getting a labiaplasty or perineoplasty. I would like the labia minor... READ MORE

Can labiaplasty and vaginal restoration be part of or included in a "mommy make over"...if so how much would the total cost be?

I am a 29yr old mother of 2 who has never had any body image issues..yet I have NEVER felt so awful,disgusting, and depressed about my appearance... READ MORE

My labia major lost its firmness, it looks old, empty and repellent. Clitoris looks long. Help me. (photos)

I'm 39 years old. Have 3 kids. 5 years ago had surgery for my labia minor. Wanted to make it shorter.After surgery few month I was feeling tense in... READ MORE

Is this normal? Nothing about this lower region looks right. What kind of surgery do I need? (photos)

What is coming out of my vaginal opening? I had no idea my labia was so enlarged and is my hood too big? I haven't orgasmed in years. I had 2 kids one... READ MORE

Why are my labia majora so wrinkly? I have had three children. (Photos)

But I think I've always been this way. What can be done about the wrinkly labia majora and also the darkened skin?? I am very unhappy and embarrassed... READ MORE

Follow-up: I want to know if it's possible to restore clitoris exposure and improve clitoral function.

I am able to have intercourse without a problem and I have 2 children, I am able to have clitoral stimulation in a way.  READ MORE

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